Irish scientists identify why COVID-19 patients develop blood clots. Why are corona victims dying due to blood clotting, scientists gave the reason; Said, VWF molecule is the reason for this

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Scientists have given the reason why blood clots form in corona patients. Scientists say that a special type of molecule is responsible for this. In infected patients, increased levels of this molecule lead to blood clotting and increase the risk of death. This claim has been made by researchers from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland University of Medicine.

That’s why blood clots accumulate
To understand why blood clots occur in corona patients, research was done on corona victims admitted to Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Their blood sample was taken. Blood reports revealed that these patients had higher levels of the VWF molecule, which causes blood to clot. At the same time, the level of the molecule ADAMTS13, which prevents clotting, was low.

Research proved the cause of death
When the balance of both molecules is disturbed, clotting starts and the risk of death increases. It has been proved in many previous research that many corona patients have died due to blood clotting.

Researcher Dr. Jamie O’Sullivan says, more research is still needed to maintain the level of corona patients ADAMTS13 and VVF.

Suspected cases of clotting after vaccination

The Health Ministry recently released a report, according to which 26 such suspected cases have been reported after Covishield, who have complained of bleeding and blood clotting.

Many countries have suspended or banned this vaccine for fear of serious side effects. However, many health experts believe that the side effects of Covishield are far less than the benefits of this vaccine. This is the first time in India that serious damage caused by Coveshield has been acknowledged in this way.

498 severe cases studied

The ministry in its report said that they have studied a total of 498 cases, which were serious. Out of these, he found only 26 such cases in which there is a possibility of bleeding or blood clotting after getting the Kovishield vaccine. However, no blood clotting or bleeding problems have been reported after taking Covaxin.

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