Irfan Pathan Promoting Number 3 Greg Chappell Sachin Tendulkar News and Updates | Irfan Pathan said- The idea of ​​promoting me for batting at number 3 was Sachin's, not Chappell's.


  • Irfan Pathan, batting at number three for the first time, scored 83 off 70 balls against Sri Lanka in 2005.
  • In this match, India defeated Sri Lanka by 152 runs, Pathan said – Greg Chappell was not involved in ending my career.

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Jul 01, 2020, 10:07 AM IST

Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan said that the idea of ​​batting at number three was given to him by Sachin Tendulkar. Coach Greg Chappell had no hand in it. Pathan was first sent to bat at number three in ODIs against Sri Lanka in 2005. In this, he scored 83 runs on 70 balls. India won the match by 152 runs.

After this, Irfan batted at the top order in many matches. He joined the Indian team as a fast bowler. Many veterans believe that after performing well in the first innings, the management had planned to prepare him as an all-rounder. This is why Irfan's career could not last long.

Chappell has no hand in finishing his career

Irrfan said on Instagram with Raunak Kapoor, "I have said many times even after retirement that Greg Chappell has no role in ending my career. As far as I was concerned about promoting for batting at number 3, it was Sachin Paji, not of Idea Chappell. "

Irfan was promoted due to his ability to kill six
He said, "Sachin Paji advised Rahul Dravid (captain) to send me to number 3. He said that he (Irfan) has the power to hit six, can score faster with the new ball and can also play fast bowlers well, so he should promote in batting. "

Chapels are not Indians, so they are easy to target
Irfan said, "When Muttiah Muralitharan was in his brilliant form, he was promoted for the first time in batting. Dilhara Fernando was also bowling Slower with a split finger, causing a lot of trouble for the batsmen. Then I was sent to bat aggressively against Muralitharan and Fernando. So that the team can benefit. Therefore it is not correct to say that Chappell spoiled my career. They were not Indians, so it is easy to target them. "

Former all-rounder Irfan has taken 100 in 29 Tests and 173 wickets in 120 ODIs. In these matches, he has scored 1105 and 1544 runs. He has 28 wickets and 172 runs in 24 T20s. Irfan has taken 80 wickets and scored 1139 runs in 103 matches of IPL.


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