IRCTC SBI; Stock Market News and Updates; Canara Bank and Dmart Share Price Today | IRCTC’s share increased by 9% and DMart’s share increased by 5%, both of them crossed Rs 5300

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  • IRCTC SBI; Stock Market News And Updates; Canara Bank And Dmart Share Price Today

Mumbai14 minutes agoAuthor: Ajit Singh

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Shares of IRCTC and Avenue Super Mart have rocked today. Both the shares have crossed Rs 5,300. Shares of IRCTC rose 8% to Rs 5,340 today. The share of DMart has also risen 5% to Rs 5,420. In the last one month, one year or even since the listing of these shares, their shares have always been in a boom.

IRCTC’s market cap is 85 thousand crores

The market cap of IRCTC has increased to Rs 85 thousand crores due to the rapid increase in share prices. While the market cap of Avenue Super Mart is close to Rs 3.50 lakh crore. On the other hand, the lower circuit started on Tuesday in the shares of Paras Defense, which are closing on 5% upper circuit every day for the last 10 days. But today it has seen a sharp rise again. It has reached Rs 636 with 5% upper circuit. On Tuesday, the stock went up to Rs 701.

Paras Defense shares in upper circuit today

The stock of Paras Defense was rising 5% daily since its listing on October 1. Its IPO came at Rs 175. After increasing the share of 175 by Rs 701 i.e. almost 4 times, now it is going down. Upper circuit means the stock cannot move more than that in a day. Lower circuit means there cannot be more fall than that in a day. The share of Paras Defense was listed on October 1 at Rs 475. On that day it saw an upper circuit of 5% and closed at Rs.498.

dmart NS share Too fast In

The share of Avenue Super Mart, which runs DMart, is also in a boom. The stock stood at Rs 4,012 on September 1. In October last year, the stock had hit a one-year low of Rs 1,949. Since then it has increased by 180%. On Thursday, the stock touched a one-year high of Rs 5,420. A month ago it was trading at Rs 3,941. Its market cap has gone up to Rs 3.47 lakh crore.

grocery Of business In Is dmart

Famous investor Radhakrishna Damani’s company Avenue Supermart is in the business of groceries. Offers groceries and other items at affordable rates. The total business of this company in the financial year 2020-21 was Rs 23,787 crore. It had made a profit of Rs 1,165 crore. Its IPO came in 2017 at Rs 299. Since then, the stock has given a return of 15.20 times.

IRCTC share is currently at Rs 5,340

The share of IRCTC is currently trading at Rs 5,340. A month ago, the stock was trading at Rs 3,310. Its market cap is Rs 85,282 crore. The stock was listed on 14 October 2019. Its IPO price was Rs 320. Since then, the company has given more than 14 times returns. These two companies have had the best returns in the history of IPOs.

This Year outstanding performance

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) stock has performed well this year. Santosh Meena of Swastika Investmart says that IRCTC’s stock is still in a bullish environment. This stock has shown good growth in this year. This company is performing tremendously due to Kovid. Everyone wants to buy this stock. However, this stock continues to move upwards. They say that the asset monetization plan of the Railways can give further momentum to the stock of this company.

Shares of SBI and Canara Bank have also made a splash

Apart from these, the shares of SBI and Canara Bank have also made a splash at this time. The share of Canara Bank is currently at 194, which is its one-year top. In October 2020, it was at Rs 84 while a month ago it was at Rs 152. The stock of the country’s largest bank SBI is also at a one-year high today. It reached Rs 491 and has a market cap of Rs 4.37 lakh crore. In October last year, it was at Rs 186 as against Rs 431 a month ago.

HDFC Bank’s market cap crosses 9 lakh crore

Talking about HDFC Bank, it has also reached a one-year high today. Its share is at Rs 1,655. Its market cap has crossed Rs 9 lakh crore for the first time. Its share was at Rs 1164 a year ago. On the other hand, the share of ITC is up 3% today and it has gone to Rs 257. The stock was under pressure for years. In the last one month, it has increased from Rs 214 to Rs 257.

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