IPS D Roopa took a break from Twitter after debating the firecrackers, shared the video and wrote – know about me | IPS D Rupa took a break from Twitter after debating the firecrackers, shared the video and wrote – know about me

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  • IPS D Roopa Took A Break From Twitter After Debating The Firecrackers, Shared The Video And Wrote Know About Me

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IPS D Rupa tweeted and informed about taking a break from the tweeter. (File photo)

Karnataka Chief Secretary Home and Senior IPS officer D Rupa is constantly trolling on Twitter, saying banning firecrackers in Diwali. Troubled by this, he has now decided to take a break from this microblogging site.

D Rupa also messaged the trollers by tweeting 19 within 6 hours on Saturday. Some old videos were also shared among them. In this, there is the whole story of his life. D Rupa further wrote, ‘Those who do not know me and are trolling me, learn about me by watching these videos. They are in Hindi. Despite being a South Indian, I have learned Hindi from Doordarshan.

In another tweet, he wrote, hash tags were used to pressure me. Everyone knows that I am a government employee and cannot answer trollers in their language. Now tell me who is the most powerful on Twitter?

Rupa is trending after a debate with the user
Last week, Rupa had a debate with a Twitter user named @TrueIndology about banning crackers. Users were unhappy with the ban on firecrackers in several states on Diwali. They were constantly pulling governments on Twitter. D. Rupa said that there is no tradition of firecrackers on Diwali. It is not related to Hindu customs. Fireworks are the new tradition on Diwali. Therefore, the ban on it should be taken positively.

D Rupa’s statement was opposed by Twitter user @TrueIndology, who claimed to have knowledge of Indian culture, civilization and Sanatan Dharma. After this, Twitter suspended the account of @TrueIndology. Since then, users have been active on Twitter and trolling against D Rupa.

Kangana also trolled D Rupa
Actress Kangana Ranaut also trolled IPS D Rupa over Bain’s statement on firecrackers. He tweeted that D Rupa was a blot on the police department and demanded that his account be suspended.

Know about 2000 batch IPS Roopa

  • D Roopa is a 2000 batch fast-moving IPS officer. He has been appointed Principal Secretary Home of Karnataka.
  • She is the first woman IPS officer to hold this position.
  • He has told in an interview that he has been transferred 41 times in his 18-year career.
  • In 2004, IPS Rupa accompanied the Karnataka Police team to arrest the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Uma Bharti. Uma Bharti was accused of rioting in 1994 Hubli.
  • It was D Rupa who made a sensational disclosure of VVIP treatment to Sasikala, who was very close to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

IPS Sanjay Mittal also asked to leave Twitter, then turned

Senior IPS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre Sanjay Mittal also jumped into the debate over the ban on firecrackers. Sanjay Mittal had expressed his intention to leave Twitter by tweeting twice on Saturday. He wrote, “Guys I’m leaving Twitter.” However after a few hours, he tweeted another and said, I am currently postponing my decision on the request of friends. In this tweet, he also asked users the definition of nationalism.


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