IPL 2021 Live CSK vs KKR on Smartphone Projector with 100-inch Screen Under Rs. 5000 | Watch Live matches on a 100-inch screen at home with the help of a projector, their cost is much less than Rs 5000

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  • IPL 2021 Live CSK Vs KKR On Smartphone Projector With 100 inch Screen Under Rs. 5000

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The final match of IPL will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders on 15 October. If you want to see this final fight on the big screen, then you have to prepare now. For this, you do not have to go out of the house, but have to order a smartphone projector at home itself. With its help, you can make a screen of 60 to 100 inches on the wall of the house itself. You do not need to spend a huge amount for these. The work will be done in less than 5000 rupees. So let’s know about these projectors…

First understand what you will be able to do with the projector
These projectors can be connected to all devices like tablets, laptops, notebooks, computers, gaming consoles, TVs as well as smartphones (Android and iPhone). You will also be able to connect your DTH settop box directly to it. That is, with the help of your settop box, you will be able to watch the final match of IPL directly on the screen according to your mind. All of them are of portable size so that they can be carried easily.

Projectors producing screens up to 100-inches
Odili MiniRs 2,929
Torexo Sales T300 MiniRs 3,058
Unique UC 200Rs 3,200
IBS T 300 LEDRs 3,399
ABB SD40 MiniRs 4,298

Features and Specifications of Portable Projector

  • These portable projectors make a screen of about 60 to 100 inches. For this you need a white wall or background. If you do not have a white wall in your house, or if the wall is completely filled, then you can also use a white sheet or projector screen. Also, you will need separate speakers for sound.
  • You can connect these projectors to your smartphone, pen drive, memory card with TV. That is, the movie can be enjoyed by putting a direct pen drive in them. Or you can connect your smartphone and access its data on the screen. The live video of the phone can be viewed on the big screen with the help of projector.
  • The look of these projectors is quite stylish. It supports full HD video playback. It also has a VGA port along with USB and HDMI ports. The user can play direct micro SD card in it. There is also a remote to control them. You can also fix the projector on the tripod.
  • These portable projectors are quite small in size, due to which they can be easily carried from one place to another. That is, if you are going to have a picnic somewhere, then you can take it with you. Or if there is a plan to watch the match with friends, then it can be used in the garden or even on the roof of the house.

Many times cheaper than TV
The size of the screen of these portable projectors is many times larger than that of TVs and the cost is much less. For example, a TV with a 65-inch screen costs close to 50 thousand. Whereas it can be bought for less than Rs 5000. That is, you can enjoy the big screen at 16 times less price. However, there is a big difference in the video quality of projectors and TVs. At the same time, the life of the projector lens is fixed.

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