IPhone had fallen in the lake Drought helps man to recover mobile after a year, it still works


IPhone fell in river, dry river got mobile after a year

Taiwan has been struggling with one of its worst droughts ever, but it has brought happiness for at least one man. The man, named Chen, got his iPhone 11 again, which he dropped a year ago in one of Taiwan’s most iconic lakes, as the lake’s water dried up due to lack of rain.

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Chen said in a viral Facebook post on Sunday that he had dropped his iPhone while paddleboarding at Sun Moon Lake last year.

Taiwan news According to it, the lake has turned into a wasteland, as the island suffers from acute water shortage. As the water level in Sun Moon Lake fell to a record level, a worker contacted Chen to tell him that his iPhone had been found. Chen says that he could not sleep happily after getting this news.

However, it was completely submerged in mud, but, it is a miracle that the smartphone is still working. Despite being submerged inside a lake for a year, its waterproof cover did not let it get wet.

Chen said that after charging, the phone worked perfectly. He shared photos on a Facebook group to show that once charging iPhone started working again.

Meanwhile, more than 25 thousand likes and hundreds of comments have come on Facebook posts.


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