INYAS launched an awareness program on vaccination; DST Secretary, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma said – Corona entering its next phase but with strong transmissible rate, only large-scale vaccination can prevent this | DST Secretary said – Corona speed faster than before; Only large-scale vaccination can prevent this

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  • INYAS Launched An Awareness Program On Vaccination; DST Secretary, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma Said Corona Entering Its Next Phase But With Strong Transmissible Rate, Only Large Scale Vaccination Can Prevent This

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Young scientists have prepared the magazine in 11 languages ​​to bring awareness about vaccination. DST Secretary Prof. Ashutosh Sharma

Young scientists have started a campaign to stop the rapid pace of corona across the country. Under the banner of Indian National Young Academy of Science (INYAS), young scientists have started an awareness campaign about vaccination across the country. This campaign started on Tuesday, Prof. Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology. Ashutosh Sharma did it. He said, ‘Corona has arrived in its next phase. This time its spread rate is much faster than before. In such a situation, it can be prevented only by large scale vaccination.

Vaccine Completely Safe
Pro. Sharma said that the vaccine is completely safe. So people do not need to be afraid of it. People should get the vaccine needed as per the government guidelines. He also appreciated the awareness campaign of INYAS. He said that through this campaign, there is a need to provide accurate information about the vaccine to the people. This campaign of young scientists will prove to be very effective in protecting people from fake news related to vaccination and rumors of social media.

Vaccine information will be released in 11 languages
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma, Chairperson, INYAS, spoke about the awareness program. It is said that through this program, documents related to the vaccine will be released in different 11 languages ​​of the country. It will contain all the things related to the vaccine that the common man needs to know. Apart from this, Kovaxin News’s app will also be released for vaccine related updates. Infographics audio and video competitions will be conducted for the entire country. Large scale webinars will also be conducted with the help of different experts.

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