International Womens Day: 15% not even women MLAs in 5 electoral states, know who topped, who laggards


International Women’s Day Before International Women’s Day, there has been a debate again on the participation of women in politics. If we talk about the five electoral states of West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry, the representation of women in the Vidhan Sabha is disheartening. In these state assemblies, leave 33 percent and 15 percent are not even female legislators. Even in states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the number of women voters is more than men, yet the representation of half the population is disappointing.

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Tamil Nadu – 9% women legislator
This time in Tamilnadu Assembly Election, there are 6.26 crore voters in 234 seats (Tamilnadu). Among them, 3.18 crore are female and 3.08 crore are male voters. But in the 2016 election, only 21 women MLAs, including Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, were elected. Of these, 16 were from AIADMK and 4 from DMK. One big reason for this is that the main parties do not give tickets to more women. AIADMK gave tickets to 31 and DMK gave 19 tickets to women. Of the total 3787 candidates, women were just 323, which is less than 10 percent. Analysts say that if more women from the major parties will not contest the elections then how will there be a possibility of winning.

Kerala – 8.9% Women MLA
This time there are 2.67 crore voters in 140 seats of Kerala Assembly Election. Among them, 1.37 crore are female and 1.29 crore male voters. But in the 2016 elections, 8 women MLAs won in 140 seats, this is only 8.9 percent of the total MLAs. While 109 women candidates were in the fray. While seven women won the elections in 2011.

West Bengal – 13.6% Female MLA
There are a total of 8.32 crore voters in 294 seats of West Bengal Assembly Election, of which 3.63 crore are male and 3.59 crore are women. In the elections held in the year 2016, 40 women MLAs were elected, which was just 13.6% of the total seats. TMC won 29, Congress 4, CPM 6 women candidates. According to the ADR, there are 41 women (15%) in the current round of 282 MLAs. This time the TMC has given tickets to 50 out of 291 i.e. about 17 percent women. While the last time 45 women contested on the Trinamool ticket.

Assam – 08 Women MLA
There are a total of 2.32 crore voters in the 126 seats of Assam Assembly Election. Among them, there are 1.17 crore male and 1.14 crore female voters. In the 2016 assembly elections, only 8 out of 126 seats were won by women, which is only 6.3 per cent. Surprisingly, 84 percent of the 92 lakh women voters in Assam voted in 2016. Yet fewer women won. Whereas in the year 2011, 14 women won the elections.

Puducherry – Female MLA won after 20 years
In Puducherry Assembly Election, which had 30 seats, no female MLA had won the election since 1996 and the drought ended after four elections in 2016. Four women won the election, which was about 13 per cent of the total MLAs.


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