International Day of Action for Women’s Health why genetic testing is important for women | Repeated miscarriage in pregnancy and genetic test is necessary to reduce the risk of breast cancer, know from experts how to prevent diseases

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The gene is responsible for carrying the strengths and imperfections from one generation to another. Sometimes this gene is the major reason for diseases in women and children. If someone in the family has been suffering from a serious illness already, then a genetic test must be done by talking to the doctor, especially women.

Experts say, this can prevent future diseases. At the same time, the risk of the disease going to the next generation also decreases. Today is International Day of Action for Women’s Health. On this occasion, the Medjinome Center for Genetic Health Care Reproductive Geneticist Dr. Hema Purandare Know, which diseases can be prevented by genetic test …

Recurring miscarriage
There is a need to be alerted if there is a miscarriage three or more times before 20 weeks of pregnancy. In scientific language, it is called recurrent loss. One research says that 1 to 2 percent of such cases occur in women. Such cases may be due to chromosome disturbances or genetic abnormalities. Therefore, if pregnancy loss occurs even before planning the next child, do a genetic test with medical advice.

IVF process not being successful
Many times, due to genetic defect in women, there is also miscarriage during IVF. A better option is to check in advance to avoid this. For example, if a woman has had a genetic disorder in the family before the embryo is transplanted, the doctor must tell this and get genetic testing done. If you do this, the danger in the child can be reduced and pregnancy can be made successful.

Risk of cancer due to family history
15 percent of ovarian cancer and 7 percent of breast cancer cases are caused by mutations in the genes (BRCA2, BRCA2). Currently, with the help of advanced technology, the risk of breast and ovarian cancer can be reduced by conducting a gene test. An example of this is Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. Angelina’s mother had already struggled with cancer, so Angelina underwent her genetic test. After the investigation confirmed the danger, Angelina underwent surgery and also shared the matter with the public.

Chromosome disturbances of the unborn child
During pregnancy, the chromosome of the unborn child is normal or abnormal, it needs to be examined before delivery. When the chromosome is deficient, the child is at risk of developing a disease like Down syndrome. Genetic screening and pre-testing can be done to avoid such a situation. Discuss this with the doctor at the beginning of pregnancy.

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