Instagram Reels Viral Video Bowler Delivers Unplayable Swing Ball Shocks Batsman – The bowler bowls such a dangerous swing, the ball bounces straight out of the stumps


Viral Video: The bowler bowls such a dangerous swing, the ball enters straight into the stumps from outside

Many videos of cricket on social media are viral videos. Apart from international cricket, club cricket is also preferred. This time also a similar video has been shot, where a bowler bowled the bowler in a stunning style (Bowler Delivers Amazing Swing), on which the batsman was surprised and became bold. This video is becoming viral very fast on Instagram reels. This video has 4 million views on Instagram.

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This video has been shared on Instagram a week ago, in which it can be seen that the bowler comes running and puts the ball in great style. His ball rotates to the stumps and the batsman is surprised. He prevents the ball from being hit on the stumps by rotating the bat. But the ball hits the stumps directly and the two poles are uprooted.

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This video has been shared by the Instagram page @Cricket_Chamber. This video has received 4 million views in the same week. People are enjoying this video very much. One user wrote, ‘What a dangerous swing it was. It felt like a snake crawling on the pitch.

Another user wrote, ‘There is no mistake of the batsman in this. The ball was so good that it had to be bold. The third user wrote, ‘Dale Steyn remembered. Really great bowling.


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