inspiring story of Krishna Yadav who became a millionaire by selling pickles on the road | How Krishna Yadav became a millionaire by selling pickles on the road, today the mistress of four companies, turnover more than 4 crores

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  • Inspiring Story Of Krishna Yadav Who Became A Millionaire By Selling Pickles On The Road

new DelhiA minute agoAuthor: Akshay Bajpai

Krishna Yadav has proved that, even if the beginnings are small, but if efforts are made with honesty, success remains together.

  • Husband’s business was destroyed, had to sell the house, left his city and came to Delhi
  • Started farming on rental land, watching programs on Doordarshan and got the idea of ​​making pickles

The thing is about 30 years old from today. Krishna Yadav’s family living in Bulandshahr had arrived on the road. The husband started a car business, which did not run. The situation became such that the house he was living in had to be sold. All this happened when Krishna had three small children. Today Krishna Yadav is the mistress of four companies, whose annual turnover is more than 4 crores. Know how he did all this after coming to the road.

Husband was sent to Delhi after borrowing 500 rupees
When our house in Bulandshahr was sold, I decided that we would leave this city. Because, if you lived there, everyone would have asked how did you become like this. How many people would answer. Repeatedly they would have broken completely. So I told my husband to go to Delhi and find some work there. We will spend our lives doing agriculture and labor anywhere. The husband did not even have the money to go to Delhi, so I borrowed five hundred rupees from a relative and sent him to Delhi.

Krishna says – Husband roamed there for three months, but he could not find any work. Three months later, I too went to Delhi with my three children. If we could not find any work, then we thought that we take a farm on rent from someone and do farming. Because, we were both from the peasant family. I have never been to school, but have worked with my mother and grandmother in the fields since childhood.

Krishna Yadav thus started with a small stall. He had also associated many women around him.

Did not get work, started growing vegetables
We took some land on rent in Najafgarh and started growing vegetables there. Carrots, radishes, coriander started getting rich and vegetables started selling, due to which we started earning a little bit. Vegetables used to be so bad that sometimes they were spoiled. Once I saw a program called Krishi Darshan on Doordarshan. There were many ways to increase the income of farmers. There was mention of pickle cultivation.

After watching that program, it came to my mind that why should the vegetables which are left, be prepared and sold. Pickles have been made in our homes in the village since childhood. I told my husband that you should know whether the government provides any training here, where I can learn how to make pickles.

When he researched, it was found out that anyone in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra can go unemployed and get free training. The center was at a place called Ujwa. I immediately reached there and told that I have to take training in pickle making. From there I learned to make pickle-jam. After this started making pickles at home.

He said – Initially made two kilos, but the pickle was not selling. When the husband took it to the shops, he said that we do not buy open pickles. He came home and he also got angry that a lot of vegetables were being sold, due to this pickle, the vegetable also got spoiled. Then I thought why don’t we sell vegetables and pickles from the road near the farm.

I told my husband to put a table by the road. I will give you fresh vegetables and keep pickles there too. Many people go off the road, we will sell them. He did the same. We also kept two boxes for the passers-by. This is from the 90s. Then there was not much of a crowd on that road.

For those who stayed for vegetables, we gave them a little pickle for sampling. They used to say that if you like it, then you will place an order.

Earlier they used to sell their products in this way, now they have four companies.  Which has hundreds of employees.

Earlier they used to sell their products in this way, now they have four companies. Which has hundreds of employees.

People who bought vegetables gave them pickles for the test.
Krishna says- slowly people started ordering pickles. I used to prepare pickles alone. Used to prepare all the spices in Silbatta. Because, there was not much money to get some grind in the mill. When the children came from school, they used to engage in this work too. The husband looked at the customers at the table. This sequence continued for five years. We used to get booking from the table itself.

We used to grow vegetables in the field and pickles were prepared at home. Due to this, the house also started running well and money also started coming. Then gradually a lot of goods started going to the shops here and there. After handling the situation, the husband applied for a license in the food department and we got the license.

“After getting the license, we started Shri Krishna Pickles. We rented a shop. We started selling pickles packed from there. I had also joined the women living nearby. They all trained them to make pickles. Slowly our work started going well.

Today we have four companies. Two are in Haryana and two are in Delhi. Turnover is more than four crore rupees. Along with pickle, we also prepare spices, juices, oil, flour. Employing hundreds of people. I have received from Kisan Samman to Nari Shakti Puraskar. “

Many legendary personalities including the President, Prime Minister have honored him.

Many legendary personalities including the President, Prime Minister have honored him.

Dream comes true
I want to advise those who want to do something for themselves that if they have dreamed then follow them. Do not give up. I am not educated. But, I had dreamed of coming on TV since childhood. Due to this work I have been on TV many times. I have many programs. Many places call me. You too can achieve all this on your own, it is too late to move.

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