insomnia increases risk of heart attack upto 25 percent know risk of insomnia and sleep apnea | If you take less than 1 hour of sleep, then the risk of heart attack is 24% higher, you should know these 5 dangers related to incomplete sleep

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  • Insomnia Increases Risk Of Heart Attack Upto 25 Percent Know Risk Of Insomnia And Sleep Apnea

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Sleep deprivation has become a serious problem. It is directly related to diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. People suffering from lack of sleep are most likely to complain of restlessness and depression. Even less than an hour of sleep can have a bad effect on health.

According to a report published in the journal Elsevier, suicidal thoughts are more common in people who do not get enough sleep. The suicide rate has also been found to be high among such people. Know, what kind of danger increases for health if you do not get 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Heart: If sleep is less than 1 hour then the heart is in danger
If a person sleeps an hour less than the prescribed time for sleep, then the risk of heart attack increases by 24 percent the next day. According to the journal Open Heart, this study was done on more than 42,000 people admitted for heart attacks.

Age: If you sleep only 4 hours then you get old age quickly.
A study published in the journal JAMA found that even a healthy person who slept only four nights, 4 hours of sleep, had the same level of testosterone hormone as a person 10 years older than him. That is, on the basis of hormones, he becomes 10 years older, that is, due to less sleep, aging increases.

Antibodies: 50% less produced
According to research published in the journal Sleep Health, if someone does not get enough sleep for a week before taking the vaccine, only 50 percent of the antibodies are made in the body after vaccination. Study is going on on its effect on the Kovid vaccine.

Brain: less than 6 hours of sleep then Alzheimer’s
According to the Center for Human Sleep Science, people with insomnia and sleep apnea who get 6 hours or less of sleep per day are at significantly higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Immunity: Three times the risk of flu
According to research published in the National Library of Medicine, a person who gets less than seven hours of sleep per day is 3 times more likely to get the common cold. However, the research of how low sleep can be dangerous in cases of Kovid is in its early stages.

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