Innocent daughter made VIDEO 4 hours before match start, wife shared but Warner could not open account | Innocent daughter made VIDEO 4 hours before match started, wife shared, but Warner could not open account

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In Phase 2 of IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad ie SRH came to play the first match, David Warner’s daughter made a video and said good luck to her father. Warner’s wife Candick Warner tweeted the daughter’s message, but it did not show any effect on Warner’s batting.

SRH opener Warner, who decided to bat after winning the toss against Delhi Capitals i.e. DC, himself reached in front of the first ball. In front of him was Enrich Norkhia. He threw the first ball at a speed of 141, the second at 142 and the third at a speed of 146 kmph.

Warner could not even play the first two balls properly, while in the third he missed completely. Warner wanted to play the ball coming at waist height on the side, but the ball hit the upper part of his bat ie just below the gloves and went into the hands of Axar Patel standing on point on the off side, which he caught.

Warner was also seen running in practice before the match.

Then Warner returned to the pavilion without opening the account. This thing would not have liked his daughter at all, who gave a video message 4 hours before the match and said good luck to her father. The daughter had said in the message- ‘I hope you will win tonight. I wish you good luck.’ However this message did not work.

Similarly, when the IPL was going on last time, both Warner’s daughters had given a similar message for Papa. At the moment both Warner and his team are disappointing the daughters. SRH are currently at number 8 in the points table.

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