Indian youths finding oxygen, drugs and hospital beds for Covid-19 patients



With increasing cases of Coronavirus, the shortage of essential things has increased in the country. In view of this, many people are helping people through their resources. After preparing for Swadha Prasad exam, a student of Mumbai is now busy in her real work. She is searching for hospital beds, medicines and oxygen for COVID patients as India faces a shortage of above items in the second wave of infection.

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As the government is struggling to deal with the epidemic, the youth of the country have taken the responsibility of helping the people on their shoulders. They are making apps to help the needy, supplying the essentials and using social media to the needy people to get the necessary resources.

Swadha Prasad is associated with UNCUT, a youth organization with many volunteers. All the volunteers of this organization are between 14 and 19 years old. The organization has created an online database, which contains information about the medical resources that exist in the country.

This campaign is of 24 hours and seven days to help the needy people. This team of youth continuously confirms the availability of supply through phone and updates the information in real time.

17-year-old Prasad says that “some of us work from morning shift to midnight as the calls do not stop till three in the morning.” He said that this is a long and often tiring matter, but “if I can help save someone’s life, then there is no question of me saying no.”

Pointing to a case, he said that people’s lives have been saved. The team provided oxygen to the corona patient at midnight. This is not just a matter of providing resources … Sometimes people just need to know that they are not alone. “


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