Indian slams british lawmakers for holding a debate over farmers safety and freedom of press in india


Members of Parliament discussed the safety of farmers and freedom of the press in the British Parliament.

London / New Delhi:

On Monday, MPs held a discussion in the British Parliament on the issues of ‘farmers’ safety’ and ‘freedom of the press’ in India, about which the High Commission of India based in London has reacted strongly. The High Commission has issued a statement alleging that in this discussion, instead of balanced debate, baseless things have been done. “It is regrettable that instead of a balanced debate, baseless things have been put forth without facts and confirmation and the integrity of the world’s most democracy and its institution has been attacked,” the statement said.

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The statement said, ‘Many foreign media institutions, including the British media, are present in India and they have seen this issue themselves. There is no issue of lack of media freedom in India. The Indian High Commission said that it had to react to the debate because it expressed apprehensions about India.

On Monday, 90 minutes were given in the British Parliament for a debate on the issues of ‘farmers’ safety’ and ‘freedom of the press’ in India. The issue was raised by several MPs from the Labor Party, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party over the reaction of the Indian government to the ongoing peasant movement in India. Liberal Democrat leader Gurch Singh of Indian origin started a petition on these issues, which was signed by more than one million UK residents within a few weeks. After this, time was kept in Parliament for this debate.

The UK government of Boris Johnson has said that ‘this issue will be raised during the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the two countries’. However, the British government has already described the issue of India’s three new agricultural laws as its ‘domestic matter’.

Underlining the importance of India, the British government said, ‘India and Britain act as a force for the betterment of the UN Security Council and bilateral cooperation between the two countries helps solve many global problems. ‘


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