Indian Medical Association accuses government of abandoning national heroes, says 382 doctors died of Covid – Indian Medical Association furious over central government, said – 382 doctors killed due to Corona


new Delhi:

The Indian Medical Association has expressed displeasure over the central government's statement in which the government said in Parliament that it does not have the data of doctors and other medical staff who lost their lives due to corona or were infected with the virus. The Indian Medical Association issued a press release and said, "If the government does not keep the data of doctors and health care workers who have been infected by Corona and does not keep the data that how many of them sacrificed their lives due to this global epidemic, then that epidemic act 1897 and loses the moral right to implement the Disaster Management Act. This also exposes the hypocrisy that on the one hand they are called Corona Warriors and on the other hand, they and their families are denied martyr status and benefits. '

The association further said, 'Our brave soldiers fighting on the border risk their lives and fight the enemy, but no one brings the bullet home and shares it with their family, but doctors and health care workers follow the national duty Not only are they themselves infected, but they bring them home and give it to family and children.

The association further states, "Union Minister of State for Health, Ashwini Kumar Choubey said that public health and hospitals fall under the states, so the data of insurance compensation is not with the central government. It is an abdication of duty and an insult to national heroes who stand by their people. The Indian Medical Association released a list of 382 doctors whose lives were lost due to Corona.

These are the four main demands of the IMA …
1. Government gives martyr status to doctors killed by Corona
2. The government of the country should console and compensate their families.
3. Take such data from government nurses and other health care worker representatives as well
4. If the Prime Minister considers it appropriate, then call our National President and understand his concerns and get suggestions.


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