Indian Idol 12 AR Rahman Reveals His Favorite Singers


AR will be seen in Indian Idol 12 Rahman

new Delhi:

In the coming weekend of the famous musical show Indian Idol 12, there is going to be a tremendous musical drama, this episode will see an evening full of entertainment and music. The special thing of this episode is that one of the greatest musicians of the weekend, Oscar winner AR Rahman will arrive as a guest, who will celebrate the voices of the contestants and also tell some interesting stories about the show. On the other hand, Ritvik Dhanjani in his own style will be seen hosting the show.

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In this show, when Ritvik played AR Asked Rahman what kind of music he likes to listen to in his spare time, Rahman replied in a certain way, “Whenever I am tired or leisurely, I listen to classical songs of Anjali and her sister Nandini . ‘ Rahman says that he has heard Anjali on YouTube and has also playback in my film Sachin: A Billion Dreams. He also said, “I wish both of them the best for the future.”

To this, Anjali said, “It was an honor for me to sing a song like Marda Maratha for the film Sachin: A Billion Dreams. It is great to see that the gods of music themselves have come on this set and praised me on such a big stage I am feeling very happy and encouraged and it will inspire me to work hard in my singing career, so that I can get more such opportunities. ‘

Let me tell you, Rahman is an artist who has been awarded the Golden Globe Award. Rahman is the first Indian to receive this honor. Also, the Indian, who received Oscar awards for his music in the film Slum Dog Millionaire, is also a. R. Rahman (AR Rahman) is the same. He has also received Grammy Awards in the category of Best Soundtrack Compilation and Best Film Song for the song ‘Jai Ho’ from the same film.


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