Indian girl gets over Rs 22 lakh bounty from Microsoft for finding bug in Azure cloud system | Won a reward of 22 lakhs by finding a bug in Microsoft’s cloud platform, learned programming language with the help of YouTube

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  • Indian Girl Gets Over Rs 22 Lakh Bounty From Microsoft For Finding Bug In Azure Cloud System

New Delhi19 minutes ago

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Many big tech companies have offered big money as a reward for finding a bug in their system. Now a similar case has come to the fore related to Microsoft. Aditi Singh, 20, who lives in Delhi, has received a reward of more than 30 thousand dollars (about 22 lakh rupees) for finding a bug in Microsoft’s platform. Aditi is a Cyber ​​Security Analyst. This is also the biggest reward of his life.

Aditi had found an RCE (Remote Code Execution) bug in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which could seriously affect security. However, not much information has been revealed about this bug. Aditi has also got a place in the Hall of Fame of Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

Cyber ​​Security job at MapMyIndia
Aditi has been doing bug bounty hunting since last one year. After completion of school, he enrolled for BCA degree course at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and also started working as a Cyber ​​Security Analyst at MapMyIndia. He learned Java Script, MySQL and other programming languages ​​by searching Google and watching videos on YouTube. He also learned the bug bounty.

Learned many things with the help of internet
Aditi explains that a computer science degree is not required to learn programming and cyber security. There are many resources available online and bug bounty does not need to be from IIT. If anyone wants to learn about ethical hacking, then he can search things on the internet and start with Javascript or Python. Later one can do certificate course in ethical hacking.

also found bug in facebook
Aditi has also discovered bugs in Tiktok and Facebook. For this, Facebook also gave him a reward of $ 7,500 (about Rs 5.40 lakh). So far, she has earned around 44 lakh rupees from different bounty programs. Tech companies keep organizing bounty programs. In such a situation, if the users submit a report of a defect to the company and that defect is found to be true, then the users are rewarded.

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