Indian astronomers discover one of the hottest stars – Indian astronomers have detected one of the hottest stars, it is thousand times brighter than the Sun ..


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Indian astronomers monitored a rare supernova explosion and detected a ‘Wolf-Rayet Stars’ or WR star, one of the hottest stars. The Department of Science and Technology gave this information in a statement. According to the statement, rare Wolf-Rayet Stars are one thousand times brighter than the Sun, due to which astronomers were skeptical for a long time. These are very large stars in size. Monitoring of such supernova explosions will help scientists in investigating these stars, which until now had remained a puzzle for them.

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Supernova explosions occurring in the universe emit huge amounts of energy. Long-term monitoring of these explosions helps in understanding the nature of the exploding star and the elements of the explosion. The statement said that a team of astrophysicists from the Aryabhatta Observational Science Research Institute (Arius), an autonomous institute based in the Department of Science and Technology, Nainital, along with international collaborators, met in 2015 with a similar supernova SN 2015 DJ in the NSG 7371 galaxy. Of optical monitoring.

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According to the statement, he calculated the mass of this star. His study has recently been published in ‘The Astrophysical Journal’. The statement states that the scientists also found that the real star was a mixture of two stars – one of which was a massive WR star and the other star’s mass less than the Sun. Was

Video: On the go with astronomer Jayant Narlikar

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