India would act as ‘counterbalance’ to China, says declassified US document – India will work to build balance of power against China: US document


The document states that India is America’s preferred partner on security matters (symbolic photo)

Special things

  • Said, India’s ability to respond to provocative actions
  • India is America’s preferred partnership in security matters
  • India is playing a role in maintaining the security of the Indian Pacific


A document made public by the outgoing Trump administration in the US has said that India has the ability to respond to China’s provocative action on the border and strategically important Indo-Pacific region with the support of a strong India like-minded countries. Will work to create a “balance of power” against China. The 10-page document was recently made public by US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and is now called the White House (White House) has been posted on the website. The US Strategic Framework Document for Hind Prashant states, “India is the preferred partner of the US on security matters.” Both cooperate in South and South East Asia and other areas of mutual concern to maintain maritime security and prevent Chinese influence. India has the ability to respond to China’s provocative action on the border.

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It states that India is a leader in South Asia and is playing a leadership role in maintaining the security of the Indian Pacific. It is expanding its presence in Southeast Asia and expanding economic, defensive and political cooperation with other US allies and partners in the region. The document states, “A strong India of like-minded countries. Cooperation will work to create a balance of power against China. ”It said that the policy stated in the document aims to increase India’s development and capability, so that it can become a major defense partner. Its mission is to strengthen a permanent strategic partnership with India, which provides a strong Indian Army base capable of forging effective alliances with the US and its partners in the region. This will include building a strong base for defense cooperation and increasing trade in the defense sector. Has been proposed In this ‘framework’, it is proposed to expand the capacity of transfer of defense technology to enhance India’s status as a major defense partner, increase cooperation on shared security concerns in the region and encourage India’s presence beyond the Indian Ocean. is kept.

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The document talks about supporting India’s membership in the nuclear supply group. The document proposes to support India through diplomatic, military and intelligence channels to deal with the continent’s challenges, including the dispute with China on the border Could help. It proposes to support India’s ‘Act East’ policy and its ambitions to become a leading global power.


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