India Vs New Zealnd WTC Final; The Key Difference Between Duke SG Kookaburra Cricket Ball | Duke ball big challenge for India-New Zealand in WTC final, know why this ball is helpful for swing and seam bowling


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Team India has to play the final of the ICC World Test Championship against New Zealand in Southampton from June 18. This match will be played with Duke Ball made in England. Both teams do not use this ball in domestic cricket, so this neutral ball will be a challenge for both. Duke ball is helpful for swing and seam bowling, so the batsmen will have to overcome it to score runs.

Actually, only 3 balls are used in international cricket. These are Duke, Kookaburra and SG Ball. The 12 countries recognized in ICC’s Test play with these 3 balls. Let’s know the specialty of these balls and other things …

What is the basic difference between the three balls?
The basic difference between the three balls is their seam, which is different by looking at it. The seam of the Duke ball is raised, while that of the SG is flat. While the seam of the kookaburra is pressed. The color of the Duke is darker than that of the SG and Kookaburra. Because of this, its shine remains for a long time.

Why is Duke advantageous for fast bowlers?
This ball is made in England, in addition to the English team, Ireland and West Indies play. It is made by hand. The seam of the ball is straight and tight, so that the ball stays in shape for a long time. Because of this, it is more beneficial for fast bowlers.

For how many overs does Duke get natural swing?
A lot of changes were made to the Duke after 2007. The hand stitching was strengthened, making it last longer than the Kookaburra and SG. This is the reason that its natural swing lasts from 50 to 60 overs. This ball starts getting reverse swing only after 20 to 30 overs.

How was the name Duke given? Who is the owner of the ball making company?
This ball was made by the Duke Family of England in 1760, hence the name given to the ball. This company manufactures cricket equipment. Started from Kent, UK, the current owner of this company is Indian-origin Dilip Jajodia. He bought this company in 1987.

How long does a kookaburra’s natural swing last?
Kookaburra balls made in Australia are made by machine rather than by hand. It is a natural swing only for 20 to 25 overs. After this, it becomes most favorable for the batsmen. Less helpful for spinners than other balls. Its seam is pressed. After 40 to 50 overs, the ball starts getting reverse swing.

In how many countries are kookaburra balls used?
This ball is made by an Australian company, which makes cricket and hockey equipment. This ball was given the name of a species of tree kingfisher bird. This kookaburra species is found mostly in the countries of Australia and New Guinea. This ball is used the most in 8 countries. These countries are Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan.

With which ball does Team India play Test?
The Sanspareil Greenlands (SG) ball made in India is also hand made like the Duke. Only India team plays with this ball. This helps the spinners more. It has natural swing only for the first 10 to 20 overs. The shine of the ball also soon goes away. However, it is better in terms of seams. Stays strong till 80-90 overs.

SG Company was started in 1931 in Sialkot by two brothers named Kedarnath and Dwarkanath Anand. After partition the family moved to Agra. The company started again in 1950 from Meerut. Since 1994, only the SG ball has been used in all the Tests held in the country.

Virat Kohli has scored 7490 runs in 91 Tests so far.

Virat Kohli has scored 7490 runs in 91 Tests so far.

What does Virat Kohli say about Duke and SG Ball?

  • October 2018: Indian captain Virat Kohli had said during the West Indies series that it is not right for the SG ball to wear out in 5 overs. This ball was fine for first use, but don’t know why now its quality has deteriorated. Virat had advocated the use of Duke Ball in Tests.
  • February 2021: After the Chennai Test, Kohli once again said that the seam of the SG ball was completely damaged after 60 overs. You can’t expect things like this in Test cricket.
Ashwin has so far taken 409 wickets in 78 Tests.

Ashwin has so far taken 409 wickets in 78 Tests.

What is spinner Ashwin’s view on Duke and SG Ball?

  • October 2018: Ravichandran Ashwin had said that I feel better bowling with Kookaburra than SG. The Duke is also good, but the quality of the SG ball has fallen. She was not like before.
  • February 2021: Ashwin said that the ball used in the Chennai Test was very strange. Never before have we seen the seam of an SG ball deteriorate like this.

After so many complaints, SG Company reworked the ball. This new ball was used for the first time in the first Test against England in February 2021, but Team India still did not seem happy with the quality of the ball. The company claims that after the new changes, it will help spinners as well as fast bowlers.

What were the changes in SG Ball after the complaint?
The seam (ie stitch) of the ball has been worked out. His consistency has been further improved, so that he is better at gripping for the entire 80 overs. The density of the cork wood that is put inside the ball is fixed at a minimum level. Apart from this, the color of the ball was further darkened.

What are the ICC rules regarding the use of the ball?
There are no specific guidelines from the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding the use of the ball. All countries use the ball according to their condition. The country in which the series is taking place, that country uses the ball according to its choice. If a country wants, one series can be played at home with a different ball and the other series with a different ball.

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