India to allow ethanol-based ‘flex engines’ in vehicles: Nitin Gadkari | India will allow ethanol based flex engine in vehicles, saving Rs 30-35 per liter

New Delhi41 min ago

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has decided to allow India to allow ethanol based ‘flex fuel engines’. He said that we are going to start this scheme and it will be launched within three months. This will give a big relief from the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Let us tell you that in many places in the country, the price of petrol has reached Rs 107 per liter.

Gadkari said that other countries of the world like Brazil, US and Canada have flex engines which are powered by agricultural products and encouraged automakers like BMW, Mercedes and Toyota to develop vehicles that run on alternative fuels.

60 to 62 per liter ethanol will be available
The switch to locally produced ethanol would be helpful for a country like India, which depends on crude oil imports to power the transport sector, he said, adding that it would also result in less pollution and cost-savings. A liter of ethanol comes between 60 and 62 per liter, while the price of petrol has gone up to more than Rs 100 per liter. However, the calorific value of ethanol is low.

What is Flex-Fuel Engine?
A flex-fuel engine is an engine that runs on more than one fuel. It usually uses petrol with a mixture of ethanol or methanol fuel. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the deadline to achieve the target of blending 20 percent ethanol with petrol has been pushed back by 5 years to 2025. Its aim is to reduce pollution and reduce dependence on imports. Earlier, a target of 20 percent ethanol blending was set by 2030.

Savings due to lower cost
The price of alternative fuel ethanol is Rs 60-62 per liter while the price of petrol is more than Rs 100 per liter in many parts of the country. Therefore, by using ethanol, the people of the country will save Rs 30-35 per liter. He said, “I am the transport minister, I am going to issue orders to the industry that there will not be only petrol-powered engines, we will have flex-fuel engines. People will have the option whether they want to use 100 per cent crude oil or 100 per cent crude oil,” he said. What to use in percent ethanol.”

Companies prepare ethanol model
Citing the example of TVS and Bajaj, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has asked more manufacturers to develop their own ethanol models. He said Indian automakers including TVS and Bajaj have already developed two-wheelers to run on ethanol, asking their peers to develop their own models.

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