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Post Office savings account customers can now use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility on their phones. Customers can do their savings to get information about the interest earned on investments, ATM card blocking, issuance of new cards, various postal savings products etc.

Department of Posts launches IVR facility

Department of Posts launched its IVR facility for the customers. As per the circular, customers of small savings schemes like PPF, NSC etc can avail IVR facilities by calling India Post’s toll-free number 18002666868 through their registered mobile.

Savings account customers can use

Post Office Savings Account customers can use IVR for this facility. It has many options. Like if you want information in Hindi then you have to press one. You have to press 5 to know the account balance of all the schemes. After this you have to press the account number and then the hash (#). You have to press 6 to block the ATM card. After this, after entering the card number, then 2 after entering the account number and 3 after the customer ID number.

Press 2 for India Post services

For other services you have to press 7. For India Post Banking Services you have to press 2. One has to press to know your savings account transactions. In this, you can know the transactions of Saving Bank Account, PPF, SSA. First the account number has to be entered then hash (#) has to be pressed. One has to press to know the status of the check issued in your account.

To know the last four transactions, press two

Two has to be pressed to know the last four transactions. To know a particular transaction, 3 has to be pressed. You have to press 4 to know the interest income and tax deduction. Similarly, if you want to stop the check in the account, then you have to press 5. Hash has to be pressed to hear the option again. You have to press the star to go to the previous menu. You have to press 2 to know the transaction of your term deposit.

For ATM related requests, press 3

For ATM related requests, 3 has to be pressed. Like 2 to issue new ATM card, 1 to change ATM card PIN, Hash to repeat option and press star to go to previous menu. You have to press 4 for more details of postal saving product. In this, one has to be pressed for new account and scheme while 2 will have to be pressed for ATM card details. Press 3 for interest rate and charges for services. Press 4 for third party and press star to repeat the option.

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