India Pakistan | Kargil Vijay Diwas 2021; General VP Malik, We Should Have Been Allowed To Capture | Former Army Chief General VP Malik said – We should have got permission to occupy Pakistani land before the ceasefire

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General VP Malik, who was the Chief of the Indian Army at the time of Kargil war, recalled this war fought 22 years ago and told many things related to it. He said that at that time we should have got permission to occupy some land of Pakistan.

The Times of India report quoted General Malik as saying that the Indian Army’s Operation Vijay in the Kargil War was a mixed form of political, military and diplomatic action. We were able to turn a difficult situation into a major military and diplomatic victory. He said that Pakistan had failed miserably in its plans. He had to pay a heavy price on the political and military front.

Indian Army also won the respect of the world with the war
VP Malik said that the Indian intelligence was not well maintained at the time of the war and there was no proper system of surveillance. After the attack of Pakistan, it took some time for the Indian Army to organize and take effective steps. But on the back of successive victories and successful politico-military strategy on the battlefield, India not only won this war but also strengthened its image as a responsible country in the world. A country that is democratic and can even defend its borders.

Two months before the start of the war, Pakistan had signed the Lahore Treaty
General VP Malik told that, this war brought a major turning point in the security relations between India and Pakistan. We lost faith in Pakistan and the country understood that Pakistan can easily withdraw from any treaty or agreement. Two months before the war in Kargil, Pakistan had signed the Lahore Treaty, in which it was written that India and Pakistan would try to avoid any kind of war, especially nuclear war.

General Malik further said that the Vajpayee government was unable to believe that the infiltrators were not ordinary citizens of Pakistan, but soldiers of the Pakistani army. Then Prime Minister Vajpayee told Nawaz Sharif that you stabbed him in the back.

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