India is a trusted partner; limited cooperation with Pakistan: Russia – Russia considers India a reliable ally, said – There is limited cooperation with Pakistan


Roman Babushkin said, Russia has independent relations with Pakistan

New Delhi:

Describing India as a ‘reliable partner’, Russia has said that there is no difference of opinion or misunderstanding between the two countries and that it has ‘limited cooperation’ with Pakistan on the basis of ‘independent’ relations. Roman Babushkin, deputy head of the Russian mission, recently welcomed India’s and Pakistan’s commitment to strictly abide by the 2003 ceasefire agreement along the Line of Control and said it was a ‘very important step’ for regional stability. In a joint press conference with Russian Ambassador Nikolai Kudashev criticizing the Indo-Pacific strategy of Western countries, calling it dangerous and an attempt to instill a cold war mentality, Babushkin said that the process of creating a regional consensus on the issue of Afghanistan India should be a part of it and New Delhi and Moscow have a similar attitude towards the Afghan peace process.

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In response to a question about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s perception about his visit to India and his subsequent visit to Islamabad, Babushkin said that Russia has independent relations with Pakistan and that it would have a relationship with someone else. He does not target against. He said, “We believe that there is no reason to see that there is any difference or misunderstanding between us.” There is no such thing in Indo-Russian relations. “On the other hand, Kudashev said that India is a reliable ally of Russia and the relations between the two countries are equal, overall, goodwill, solid and futuristic.

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Regarding Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit to India on April 6, he said the motive was related to preparations for a possible Indo-Russian summit in the latter half of this year. Meanwhile, Babushkin said that India, Pakistan, Russia all Shanghai cooperation. There are members of the organization and among them there is cooperation in other areas including regional security, fight against terrorism, combating other threats. He said that Russia has limited cooperation with Pakistan compared to India. He said, “However, the fight against terrorism is a shared agenda.” That is why we cooperate in anti-terrorism equipment and dedicated practice to Pakistan. ”

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