India coronavirus cases delayed by US flights to India coming with medical supplies


US Air Force flights were to fly to India on Monday with medical supplies.

New Delhi:

There may be a delay in the arrival of US Air Force aircraft carrying life-saving medical supplies from the US to India. The US Defense Ministry Pentagon said on Monday that the flights which were about to leave for India, will not be able to leave till Wednesday. A Pentagon spokesman said, “We have received information from USTRANSCOM that due to some maintenance problems in flights originating for India, they will not be able to leave till Wednesday.”

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Let us know that only two US Air Force flights have been able to come so far. Three US Air Force C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft and one C-17 Globemaster aircraft were scheduled to leave the medical supplies needed for India on Monday, but will be delayed until Wednesday due to some maintenance problems. However, the officials did not say how the emergency help being delivered to India due to the delay in the planes would have an impact, especially due to the increasing cases of corona in India, which is very much in need of life-saving oxygen cylinders and concentrators.

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On Monday, Pentagon press secretary John Curby told reporters that the US would continue to deliver healthcare supplies to India with its planes. The Pentagon said that the US is constantly delivering healthcare supplies through its C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft and a C-17 Globemaster aircraft to India battling Corona’s worst outbreak.

He said that the US Transport Command is demonstrating its capability by providing immediate assistance to a partner country of the US. Karbi said that the US would continue to monitor Kovid’s position in India.

Many US lawmakers have also tweeted and advocated for maximum help to India as soon as possible, saying that the fight against Kovid is a global battle and can only be defeated completely when it is everywhere But has been defeated


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