India China Moscow PacT | India China Ladakh Standof Latest News Updates | Indian Army and People Liberation Army fired 100–200 rounds on Pangong TSO | Reports claim – 100–200 rounds of bullets were fired between India and China in the Pangong Lake area last week, before the Moscow agreement between the two countries took place.

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  • India China Moscow PacT | India China Ladakh Standof Latest News Updates | Indian Army And People Liberation Army Fired 100–200 Rounds On Pangong TSO

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For the first time in 45 years India-China have fired on LAC. In many disputed areas of Ladakh, the soldiers of both are stationed less than 300 meters away. (File photo)

  • India and China foreign ministers agreed to 5 points in Moscow on 10 September to resolve the border dispute.
  • The night of 29-30 August, Chinese troops tried to capture a hill in the Pangong Soe Lake area

There was firing between Indian and Chinese soldiers in Ladakh before the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of India-China in Moscow on 10 September. The English newspaper Indian Express has given this report citing sources. According to this, 100 to 200 rounds of aerial fire were fired from both sides at the northern end of Pangong So Lake in eastern Ladakh. The incident took place at the ridgeline, where Finger-3 and Finger-4 areas meet.

Indo-China soldiers in some areas just 300 meters distance
According to the report, in the first week of September, there were considerable movements at the northern and southern end of Pangong So Lake. There was also firing several times. Tension still persists. In many places in the Chushul sector, troops of India and China are deployed just 300 meters away from each other. Meanwhile, there is to be a renegotiation between the army officers of the two countries.

Earlier on September 7, India-China issued statements on the firing incident in Mukpari Heights area. It was reported that the LAC was fired after 45 years. Both of them held each other responsible for this. However, there has been no official statement yet about firing in Pangong area.

China tried to infiltrate 3 times in 5 days
On the night of 29–30 August, Chinese troops tried to capture the hill at the southern end of Pangong Lake, but were thwarted by Indian soldiers. After that the conversation between army officers started, but in the next 4 days, China again tried to infiltrate twice.

On September 10, India-China foreign ministers met in Moscow to settle the border dispute peacefully. It was agreed on 5 points including dis-engagement. However, China is repeatedly backtracking and making frequent movements in disputed areas. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also said in Parliament on Tuesday that China has amassed troops and ammunition on the LAC, but India is ready.

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