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  • In an all-party meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said – neither anyone came to our border nor did anyone occupy our post
  • The Global Times wrote – If there was a conflict, India would be humiliated five times more than in 1962.

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Jun 22, 2020, 06:53 PM IST

Beijing After the violent clash in Ladakh's Galvan Valley, China's state media is bent on blaming India. This time the Global Times wrote – Modi's statement as Prime Minister ended the moral ground of blaming China. This statement will be very helpful in reducing stress.

In an all-party meeting, Modi had given a statement that neither anyone entered our border nor did anyone occupy our post. With this, the Global Times said about the death of 40 Chinese soldiers that the Modi government is speaking like this to satisfy its people. China also does not want this conflict to escalate, due to which China is not giving the number of casualties from its side. The number of soldiers who died in China is less than 20. If we tell the number, India will come under pressure again.

8 points of global times

  • The sense of nationalism has increased rapidly within India and rapid protests against China have increased. India should pacify nationalism arising at home.
  • On getting exemption of any kind of action by the army from the Government of India, he said that Modi is trying to satisfy the nationalists and fundamentalists of his country.
  • Modi is playing with words to please the people of his country. In fact, he cannot allow his army another conflict. China's ability is not only better than India in military matters, but also has more influence at international level.
  • On this occasion, nationalism is common in India. We do not need to worry. If there was a case of Pakistan and other neighbors, India would have taken some steps under pressure, but when it comes to China, everything changes.
  • The Global Times also published the statement of Indian economist Swaminathan Iyer that China is five times more than India in military and economic field. He wrote – If the conflict happens again, India will be humiliated five times more than in 1962.
  • Many rational voices have also come from inside India, who are asking Modi not to repeat the mistakes of former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on the Chinese front.
  • India's security forces use weapons purchased from other countries. Because of this, they are unable to coordinate with each other. Their military discipline is inferior. They fly their own submarines and helicopters.
  • If there was a conflict, China would easily defend its territory and would not claim Indian territory even after winning, but this fight would greatly affect India. India's global situation and economy will go back decades.

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