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  • This gompa, built at an altitude of 10 thousand feet, has more than 100 lamas, they consider the Dalai Lama as their guru.
  • Gonby Lama says China occupied Tibet and did not do well with other neighboring countries

Upamita Vajpayee

Jun 22, 2020, 06:28 PM IST

From Spituk Gompa of Leh. Spituk Gompa is located just opposite Leh airbase. On reaching there, the one who was first seen was paste a form there. It was written on – Photography and Videography of Airbase is Strictly Probated.

This gompa, built at an altitude of 10 thousand feet, has more than 100 lamas. They consider the Dalai Lama as their guru. As the Gonbi Lama says, China occupied Tibet and did not do well with the rest of the neighboring countries.

Two days ago, on 20 June, 25 lamas here have done special worship for the peace of souls of soldiers who were martyred in Galvan. In this puja, prayers were also offered for the quick recovery of those soldiers who are currently in the hospital. For this, Buddhist chants were made for the Indian soldiers of Galvan in Gompa for 2 hours.

The Dalai Lama took refuge in India in 1959 after China's occupation of Tibet. They still live in India.

It is said that the tantra worshiped by the lama by chanting for hours, gets so much strength from him that he can even fly in the air many times. 21 Taradevis give strength to lamas. The Lamas say that they will send this power to the wounded soldiers and their wounds will be healed quickly.

It is also said that on the strength of their tantra practice, these lamas can live for 40 days even after death. Not only this, they choose their next Dalai Lama on the basis of the signs of divine power, which is a child.

The Dalai Lama selected child has to take the exam till the age of 6 years and then undergo his training.

China was instigated when the Buddhist Dalai Lama took refuge in India. The Funshi Lama says that he uses his power to give strength to the Indian Army and to defeat the China Army. This is the reason why China will never be able to beat India.

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