In Tripura, crowds protesting the settling of refugee families burnt vehicles, one dead in police firing | Carts burnt by protesting settlement of refuges, one killed in police firing

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  • In Tripura, Crowds Protesting the Settling of Refugee Families Burnt Vehicles, One Dead in Police Firing

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Guwahati36 minutes ago

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Local people have been protesting for the last 6 days to protest against the settlement of refugee families.

In Tripura, a man was killed in police firing on a crowd protesting against the settlement of the refugee families of the Bru community. 5 people are said to be seriously injured. Local people have been protesting in North Tripura for the last 6 days to protest against the government’s decision. On Saturday, they suddenly erupted and set fire to vehicles on the highway.

According to police, during the bandh called by the protesters, violent mob attacked the security forces in Pani Sagar. Police had to fire to stop them. In this, 45-year-old Srikanta Das died after being shot.

A large number of police personnel have been deployed to handle the deteriorating situation.

A large number of police personnel have been deployed to handle the deteriorating situation.

A police officer told the news agency on the condition of anonymity that a contingent of Tripura State Rifles personnel was deployed under the leadership of senior police officers to deal with the explosive situation in Pani Sagar and Kanchanpur sub-divisions of North Tripura. is.

Such a bad situation

According to the police, a refugee attacked a local pump operator. After this, the situation deteriorated in the sub-division with mixed population. Bikramjit Sukala Das, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Kanchanpur said that government offices, markets, shops were closed due to the protest. All types of vehicles are not allowed except Security Force, Medical and Media.

At the same time, Sub Divisional Magistrate Chandni Chandran of Kanchanpur said that the government is still collecting information about the number of refugee families and their location, so that the process of settling them can be started.

Opposition to settle the people of Bru community

About 35 thousand refugees from the Bru community fled Mizoram to Tripura after ethnic conflict 23 years ago. Since then, they were all staying in permanent camps. Now the central government has decided to settle them in Tripura itself. Under this, they will be provided facilities like local citizens.

For this, in January this year, an agreement has been reached between the Central Government, the State Government of Tripura, Mizoram and representatives of the Bru community. Local people are opposing this decision. The state government did not take the initiative to negotiate with the protesters. This infuriated his anger.


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