In the US and other western countries, there was a case of misconduct in the GRE examination for admission to graduation.


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While the government has been consistently claiming that after Digital India, corruption and malpractices have come down in the country. At the same time, there has been a case of cheating in the entrance examination for graduate studies in America and other western countries. A gang that misbehaved in the GRE or Graduate Record Examination has come to light. Four students told NewsBust how the misconduct is done after the introduction of the home test in the GRE. He said, there is a room with many doors, which helps to connect the candidates with the expert team solving paper.

India is one of the largest centers of GRE, third only after China and America. More than 85,000 students took part in the GRE in India last year. The incident was marked by Rappant, a top GRE coaching institute, which said its instructors were now forced to help cheat students. The money is being offered. But the response from the ETS or the Educational Testing Service – the organization that conducts the examination – did not pay attention. The rules of the online examination say that the test takers should be alone in the room. The human inspector watches 360-degree view of the room through a webcam before the examination begins. But the students NewsBust said that once the exam starts, the inspector can only see the limited area through the webcam of the candidate.

On behalf of the abuser, it is ensured that there are many doors in the room, which enables another person to come and go. Once the examination starts, the student falls outside the sight of the supervisor. And clicks pictures of the questions on the screen. The questions are then given to the experts sitting outside, who solve the paper and answer the examinee. This process is repeated for each section of the exam. The students said that since the questions of the verbal quantitative section of GRE are of multiple choice. Therefore it becomes easy to misbehave in it.

One student told NewsBust, “Some examinees paid tutor (employed in GRE coaching institutes) to help their friends and others … My friend got 326 marks out of 340” Another student said That the misdemeanors can easily do it as it is a home test. Many of the top GRE coaching institutes in India, Manya-Princeton Review, which first raised the issue, have demanded that the credibility of GRE scores be protected. For “GRE home test” option should be discontinued.


In its response on 7 January, ETS indicated that it was serious about the fraud case. On behalf of ETS, it has been said that our office is regularly canceling the scores of the examinees and also restricting many people. We are continuously working in this area. The institute has now sought intervention from the government thinktank NITI Aayog and Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on this issue. It has been said on behalf of the institute that “some strict action” should be taken to protect the impression and image of India’s education system.


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