In the second wave of Corona, the workers are not returning from here; Companies are arranging for vaccines, lodging and food | In the second wave of Corona, the workers are not returning from here; Companies are arranging for vaccines, lodging and food


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  • In The Second Wave Of Corona, The Workers Are Not Returning From Here; Companies Are Arranging For Vaccines, Lodging And Food

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Pune3 minutes ago

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In Maharashtra, 50 thousand corona patients are being found daily, which is the highest figure in the state during the 14-month coronary period. Hence there is a partial lockdown situation. Despite this, laborers are not returning from the country’s largest automobile manufacturing hub, Chakan, like they did last year. Taking a lesson from the troubles faced by the companies during the previous lockdown, companies have taken such steps, this time, the workers do not have to suffer as they had to take.

Companies are making arrangements for getting workers vaccinated soon, as well as their living arrangements, food arrangements when the work is stopped and quarantine centers. Chakan, an industrial center near Pune, has a 40% share in the country’s total automobile production. Last year, two lakh laborers had returned from Chakan to UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand etc. due to the lockdown, which companies had to struggle to bring back later.

Due to this, the automobile industry was delayed to start functioning at full capacity. Sudhir Mehta, president of the Maratha Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (Makia), says – Last year we did not understand the situation properly, so there was an escape. But, this time we are not allowing this to happen.

Even if the work stops for some time in the coming days, we have made arrangements for the workers to stay here and their food and drink. Corona cases increase, so for this we are also building a quarantine center.

One lakh vaccines are being installed daily in Pune, most of them laborers
The companies have launched a campaign for vaccination of laborers in collaboration with the administration. One lakh people are getting vaccinations in Pune every day. They have more workers. Prashant Girbane, director of Makia, says – ‘The second wave of Kovid has not yet affected the industry. According to our survey, 85% of the total capacity was produced in February, which was 83% in March.

86% of the employees of the companies are coming to work regularly. Dilip Batwal, secretary of the Federation of Chakan Industries, says – ‘In the last lockdown, the workers as well as the industry had to face difficulties. Because, no one knew when the lockdown would end. But, this is not the case now. The Maharashtra government has given permission to keep the industries running.

Railways said – ticket booking as before; 1353 trains running at 75-80% passenger capacity
In the backdrop of unconfirmed reports of laborers returning, the Railways have made it clear that there has been no difference in railway ticket booking in the last few days. At present, the number of passengers in trains is 75-80% of the total capacity, which has been stable since a month. Traffic from big cities like Mumbai-Delhi to small cities is still normal. According to a railway spokesperson, there is no such situation as an increase in passengers due to the possibility of a lockdown. If this happens, trains can be increased.

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