In the Saamaana edutorial, Shiv Sena wrote – After snatching Puducherry, now the central government’s eye on Maharashtra | Shiv Sena accuses BJP of BJP through confrontation, said- Center is using Governor as curry leaf

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  • In The Saamaana Edutorial, Shiv Sena Wrote After Snatching Puducherry, Now The Central Government’s Eye On Maharashtra

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Mumbai5 minutes ago

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Shiv Sena took a dig at the central government in the mouthpiece Saamana. Wrote that Modi government cannot sabotage him. One idiom mentioned that if Delhi is far away then Maharashtra is far away. (File photo)

Accusing the government of toppling the government in Puducherry, the Shiv Sena has targeted the Modi government. In an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana, the Shiv Sena wrote that Kiran Bedi, who was the Lt. Governor in Puducherry, did not allow the Narayansamy government to function properly. The BJP also pulled out a small state from the Congress. The Shiv Sena also alleged that the BJP will now launch ‘Operation Lotus’ in Maharashtra in March-April.

Maharashtra is far off for BJP
The Shiv Sena wrote, “The government of Madhya Pradesh fell, even then ‘Next War on Maharashtra’ was announced.” After that, things like ‘Let the results of Bihar come, then see how change is brought in Maharashtra’. Now the talk of Puducherry starts. But just like ‘Delhi is far away’, ‘Maharashtra is far away’.

The Shiv Sena further said, ED, CBI and Income Tax Department were used to break the legislators supporting the government. Such allegations have been made by prominent Congress leaders. It is necessary to put faith in whatever happened in Puducherry behind the same start in Maharashtra. There is Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, so do not get caught in unnecessary chaos. All the bungling and bungling that was done to bring down the government in Puducherry has been done in Maharashtra.

Governor used like curry leaves
The Shiv Sena wrote, Governor of Maharashtra or Puducherry, they have to do the lifting of the order of Delhi only. The governor is used as a curry leaf (after the work is finished). Kiran Bedi was also thrown away. The ‘Bhajipalas’ who throw a blow in Maharashtra should understand this.

Political prostitution in what happened in Puducherry
Using strong words, the Shiv Sena wrote, what was different in Puducherry too? Whatever is happening there at the moment, it is political prostitution. Former Chief Minister Narayanasamy has expressed similar sorrow, but has anyone been involved in this work in this 70 years?

Attempt to destabilize Jharkhand
Saamna said, Congress was once dominated by the South. Today even a small state like Puducherry is no longer in his hands. There is now a Congress government in Punjab, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh in the country. The Congress is included in the Aghadi government in Maharashtra and Jharkhand.

Jharkhand is also being destabilized. For this, the Central Investigation Agency has been installed behind Chief Minister Hemant Soren. This environment is fatal to democracy. The politics that is being done to get policy and ideology side by side is worrying. From West Bengal to Puducherry and from Maharashtra to Jammu and Kashmir, laying the red carpet for the defectors and playing political pieces does not suit anyone.


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