In the CBSE book, saffron was shown in disguise, opposition said – BJP doing politics by calling them Arya | CBSE book showed saffron in costumes, opposition said – BJP doing politics by calling them Arya

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  • In The CBSE Book, Saffron Was Shown In Disguise, Opposition Said BJP Doing Politics By Calling Them Arya

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There is a chapter in the 8th Class Hindi Book of CBSE of the state titled ‘Vasuki Ka Question’. It depicts the saint-poet Thiruvalluvar applying ocherva cloth, choti, janeu, rudraksh and tika.

Political mercury has gone on the portrayal of famous Tamil saint-poet Thiruvalluvar, featured in a CBSE book in Tamil Nadu. The state’s opposition parties Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and Patali Makkal Katchi (PMK) have accused the BJP government at the Center of doing politics, calling it an insult to Thiruvalluvar. He said that BJP wants to prepare political ground by showing the poet-saint of a particular religion, which the state will never accept. Tamil Nadu is going to have elections in April-May this year.

After all, what is there in the book?
Actually, there is a chapter in the 8th grade Hindi book of CBSE in the state titled ‘Question of Vasuki’. It depicts the saint-poet Thiruvalluvar wearing ocherva clothes. Also depicted on top of head, janeu in throat, rudraksh and inoculated. Their costumes have been shown to be entirely like pandits.

The opposition objected so …
DMK leader MK Stalin said that Thiruvalluvar has been depicted in the Aryan attire. Stalin alleged that the BJP was doing politics by doing so. Tamil Nadu will not allow such stalking in Tamil culture. The ruling party AIADMK remains a mute spectator on this feat of the BJP. At the same time, PMK leader Ramdas said that Thiruvalluvar is the same for everyone. They should not be insulted.

PM always names, Finance Minister discussed in budget session
On every special occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps discussing saint-poet Thiruvalluvar. He also mentions his poems on a special occasion. In November 2019, the Thai version of Tirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar was also launched by Prime Minister Modi in Thailand.
During the recent budget session, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had read a part of one of his poems and associated it with the king of the country. In the last budget, Sitharaman, while referring to the Ayushman Bharat scheme, praised the work of the PM with the views of Thiruvalluvar.

Who is the saint-poet Thiruvalluvar?
Thiruvalluvar is also known as Kabir of Tamil. They are poets whose names, date of birth, place, family and religion are not certain. Thiruvalluvar is believed to have lived in Mylapore, Chennai 2 thousand years ago. His views are so popular in Tamil Nadu that youth too easily associate themselves with his ideas. This is the reason that all political parties and religious gurus of the state assert their authority over their heritage. According to Tamil experts, Tirukkural signifies the prosperity of Tamil society. Thiruvalluvar’s message was inspired by nature, not religion or God. Nature was supreme and important to him.

The name of Thiruvalluvar is liked by all
In the 19th century, British missionaries translated Tirukkural into English. The Thirukkural of Thiruvalluvar also got a boost during Dravidian politics. Periyar, a pioneer of Dravidian politics, also recognized this and praised it in his speeches many times. The DMK promoted Tirukkural messages by writing them on public buses.


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