In Nashik, the Corona people, despite being positive, continued to roam in public places; The responsible could neither monitor nor contact trekking | People, despite being positive, kept roaming in public places; Responsible neither monitoring nor contact tracing

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  • In Nashik, The Corona People, Despite Being Positive, Continued To Roam In Public Places; The Responsible Could Neither Monitor Nor Contact Trekking

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Nashik4 minutes agoAuthors: Vinod Yadav and Manisha Bhalla

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The second wave of Corona in Maharashtra has got everyone in trouble. The reason is that more cases are getting in Maharashtra than the top infected countries America and Brazil. More than 60 thousand cases are being reported daily in the state. In order to give you the real picture of the infection in Maharashtra, NewsBust India is bringing to you the ground report of the 5 cities of the state where the maximum number of cases are there. In the first installment of this series, we had reported Pune. Know Nashik’s condition today …

Lack of oxygen
Babasaheb Kole, a corona patient who was seriously ill in Nashik, went to the Nashik Municipal Corporation’s office on his own with an oxygen cylinder when he was not getting a bed. As soon as the corporation officials came to know about the matter, an ambulance was hurriedly called and the patient was admitted to the Kovid ward of Bitco Hospital. He died after two days of treatment.

Strange rules for reducing congestion, Rs. 5 Buy a ticket
The Nashik administration has figured out a strange way to stop the infection. The administration decided that people would have to take a ticket of 5 rupees to go to the market. After that they will be able to go to the market for just one hour. A penalty of 500 rupees will have to be paid for breaking the rules. This fee will go to Nashik Municipal Corporation, it will be used for corona control.

People become careless after unlock, this is the reason for the increase in the case
Living in Kapaleshwar temple area of ​​historic Panchwati area of ​​Nashik, he was associated with Devang Jani Medical Field for years. They say that Corona had a patient until April last year. Cases increased in September – October, but patients could get beds easily. There was also no shortage of ventilators and oxygen. People became careless when unlocked. Abandoned following the rule of social distancing and masks.

Administration remained negligent, wake up when the case increases
This time the administration was also negligent on festivals. A positive person was involved in the crowd at Rangpanchami in Holi. The infected Aarti was performing in a temple. One person, despite being positive, went to the market to shop with his wife. It is clear from these 3 examples that contact tracing was missing this time. If the case increases, the administration will wake up.

Now warning boards are being installed. The area with more patients is being made a container zone and other precautions are also being taken.

Black marketing of Remedesvir, arbitrariness of drugs inspectors started
Dewang says that if someone is getting infected in the second wave, then his family is also being found positive. Beds are waiting in government and private hospitals. The patients remain seated on the chair. There is also a shortage of ventilators and oxygen. Doctors are asking for injections of Remadecivir and the black marketing of this injection has started.

There have also been some incidents of arbitrary and intimidation of Drugs Inspector (DI). A medical store owner somehow managed to get some stock of Remadecivir injections, so 122 people lined up outside his medical store from 5 in the morning. The drugs inspector called the shopkeeper and refused to give Remadecivir to the common people and asked him to send injections to the Covid centers of his choice.

Corona patients are undergoing treatment in 92% of Nashik hospitals. Mubin, the owner of the big chemist shop here, says that due to not getting beds in hospitals, the disease has increased a lot. Out of the people who are coming to his shop to take medicines, every other person is positive.

The situation at the government Zakir Hussain Hospital here is such that people are taking oxygen sitting in a chair. Mubin says that Remeddivir is not available. People are clotting when they are corona. Many deaths are also occurring from this.

Deposits from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh for oxygen and ventilators
Kovid is causing 25 to 35 deaths every day in Nashik. About 4,000 new patients are coming. Deposits from 1 lakh to 3 lakh rupees are being run for oxygen and ventilator beds in private hospitals. Mirza, who runs a coaching center, says that one of his relatives was asked by the hospital to bring himself up to an oximeter.

At the time of entry in the Shalimar market here, the administration has kept a charge of 5 rupees and there is a fine of 1000 rupees for spending more than an hour there. There is no way to find out who is spending more than an hour in the market. That is, the rules of lockdown are only on paper.

Contact tracing claims, but the reality is something else
Nashik collector Sooraj Mandhare said that there is a huge demand and short supply of medicines used in the treatment of corona in the state. Although medicines are being made available to the patients. Contact tracing is happening. Mandhare says that contact tracing of more than 10 people who came in contact with a positive is being done. Dewang Jani said that there is no truth in such claims.

People returned to the village after taking the infection from the city
Rohini, a resident of village Jae in Nashik, says that there are increasing cases of corona in the village which were not there last time. One reason for this is that the people of the village go to the city, from where the disease is bringing the disease to the village. The people of the village are also unaware of Corona. Atul’s house in the same village has three corona patients. He says that everything was fine last year. The people of the village did not even wear masks, but this year Corona has caused havoc in the villages as well.
Bika ji, working in the fields, says that this is the first time this year that his entire family is extracting onions from the fields. Every year he used to count the money earned from onions in this season, but due to lack of labor this year, the whole family is working on their own fields. Bika ji and his son Sushant say that the conditions of Corona in the villages are that the laborers did not come to work this year. He is so scared that he returns.

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