In Guna district pregnant woman gives birth to a child on road due to poor medical facilities


Pregnant woman wandering for hospital, gave birth to a child on the road

New Delhi:

During the Corona period, an incident which has embarrassed humanity has emerged from Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. Due to lack of health arrangements in the district, the woman has given birth to a newborn on the road itself. This case is related to Marwar village of Fatehgarh in Guna district. Actually, the pregnant woman was alone at home. The name of the woman is being told as Janu Bai. All the members of the family had gone to the wedding. During this time he started getting pain. The woman called the ASHA worker, but the ASHA worker was corona positive. Being in isolation, the ASHA worker told her to go to the Anganwadi center of the village on phone. But the staff was not found there either.

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Janu Bai kept wandering here and there for 4 hours and even after informing the health department that no help was received, Janu Bai, who was going through a lot of labor pains, left for Guna Health Center about 20 km away.

But while walking on the road, her delivery pain increased and Janu Bai gave birth to a newborn child on the road itself.

Not only has humanity been ashamed here, but despite having many vehicles in the district, a mother was forced to give birth to a child on the road. The woman lay on the road for 2 hours. The people who came out on the road covered him with his clothes off and kept on rotating the phone for help.

At the same time, someone gave information about this to senior officials that the woman has given birth to a child on the road and she is lying on the road and is suffering from pain. After this, the administration was awakened and sent to Janani Express. After this, Janani Express reached the district hospital with the woman and child, where both have been admitted and their treatment is still going on.

The good thing is that the people who came out on the road showed understanding, due to which the woman and child were saved safely. But the big question here is that crores of rupees of funds come for the health care systems, but despite this why the health systems are not able to get it right. The big question is why after having facilities like health center, Anganwadi center, Asha worker, Janani vehicle, why 1 woman was forced to give birth to a child on the road?


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