In December and January, people had a lot of parties, in whose house positive patients were wandering outside; The administration did not learn lessons from the first wave | In December-January, people had a lot of parties, in whose houses they were walking outside positive patients; Administration did not learn lessons from the first wave

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  • In December and January, People Had a Lot of Parties, In Whose House Positive Patients Were Wandering Outside; The Administration Did Not Learn Lessons From The First Wave

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Nagpur6 minutes ago

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After the onset of corona infection in the country, on Wednesday, for the first time, 1 lakh 85 thousand new patients were found in 24 hours. In Maharashtra too, for the second time, more than 60 thousand people were infected in a single day. According to covid19india, Maharashtra has 4854 active patients per 10 lakh people, while the death toll is 479. At the same time, in the state’s capital, Nagpur, there are more than double the active patients on 10 lakh people. The death toll is also close to double.

However, there has been a decrease in the doubling rate of patients in Nagpur. Dainik NewsBust India’s team has been sending the report of the most infected cities of Maharashtra to you for the last four days. So far, we have made you aware of the ground reality of Pune, Nashik and Aurangabad. Read the ground report of Nagpur today …

Nagpur is also known as the Medical Hub of Central India. Here patients from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh also come to get their treatment, but the corona infection has exposed the arrangements of the hospitals here. Hospitals do not have beds. The patients are lying at their gate or on the sidewalk. They are waiting, they get treatment when the beds are empty.

Earlier people used to pray for saving humans, but today the situation is that people are asking for prayers for beds and treatment. 3 such scenes depicting the reality of Nagpur hospitals, which anyone can see When the heart breaks ..

First view: Government Kovid Hospital (Nagpur)
Time: 7 am

Mother had been counting in an ambulance for 3 hours, son had been praying for a bed
Roshan Chaudhary’s elderly mother living in the Dighori Naka area of ​​Nagpur is Corona positive. Dainik NewsBust India’s team was found outside Roshan Nagpur Government Hospital. He said, I have been traveling to hospitals for three to four days. Can’t find a bed anywhere.
I have been standing outside the Government Kovid Hospital for almost three hours now. Corona positive My mother is in an ambulance there. There is also talk of beds not being available in this hospital. Saying this, Roshan becomes angry about his mother’s health.
His throat becomes heavy, but there is no one to understand his pain and wipe the tears, because the pain of all the people found outside the Government Kovid Hospital in Nagpur is more or less the same.

Second view: Nagpur Medical College (NGC)
Time: 9 am
If the condition deteriorated, the hospital forced the patient out, said – take him to the government hospital
Otherwise he will die. Not only this, that hospital also forcibly signed us on the declaration form.

TiTime – 10 AM
The mother lacked oxygen, the report was negative, but the doctors put her in the corona ward
Has been

In the second wave, the administration slowed down the system, people are also carefree. went
Neerja Pathania, founder of the V-Seven Care Foundation, states that once the city has suffered that people are dying due to lack of oxygen and ventilators, we should increase the system and capacity of treatment for Kovid by two-three times Was.
It is understandable that the officials and people in the first wave did not know properly how to protect against the corona virus. There was a lack of both information and awareness then, but in the second wave, where the administration relaxed the system, the people also became carefree.

‘Come on kill me’ Event
In the same way, there are many more.
Neerja says, this time if a positive is being found in Nagpur, then how many people have come in contact with them? There is no trace of this. The colony in Nagpur where I live. It is a very large colony.
Earlier, if someone was found positive, some people who came in contact had tracing, but now if a positive person is found to be home quarantine, then his family members would buy vegetables in the market instead of going to isolation ward or seen in public places. Huh.
That is why I say that behind the increase in Nagpur there is a situation of ‘come bull kill me’. The main reason for the increase in cases in posh areas are parties held in homes in December and January. People have secretly done a lot of parties.

Medical Superintendent of Government Medical College, Nagpur, Dr. Avinash Gawande said that Nagpur is a medical hub. Around 50 thousand to 1 lakh people come here everyday from the districts adjoining Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. These also get tested here, so the positive rate is increasing.

Know why the infection is increasing in Nagpur.
Reason one: According to the new strain, treatment protocol was not made
In Nagpur, the infection spread rapidly due to Corona’s new strain. The minister in-charge of the district, Nitin Raut, claims that the medical protocols that should have been made for the treatment of this strain did not exist in time.
The state government had sent samples of the new strain to the central government body ICMR, but the central agency took a month and a half to provide other information, including the transition capacity of the new strain. The minister claims that this is the first and main reason behind the increase of corona in the states of Vidarbha including Nagpur.

The second reason: the patient wandered out instead of quarantine
Medical experts claim that most asymptomatic corona patients were home quarantined. Such people should have taken precaution, but such patients would go out instead of quarantine and roam indoors as well. In this way, these asymptomatic corona patients have known and inadvertently infected many.

Third reason: the whole system poured in the first wave, the crest in the second wave Has gone
In the first wave of Corona, all the health department was engaged in treatment and arrangements. The system, such as oxygen-ventilator beds, essential medicines and manpower, was then dumped. When the second wave came after the infection reduced, the administration failed to reinforce these arrangements again.
In the first wave, oxygen beds were made in haste, the oxygen line of such beds could not be repaired in the intervening days. And now suddenly the rush of patients has increased. The technical people of the medical faculty have already been exhausted.
Many staff members had even become corona infected. Because of which these employees are feeling weak. Because of this, the manpower needed to be supported, it could not be found in time. From now on, the government has started an effort to bring homeopath, Ayurveda, people from all fields together and seek help. Beds, medicines and other essentials are also being increased.

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