In April, 3814 rituals were carried out by Kovid Protocol, 1225 deaths from Corona were recorded in the official records. | In April, 3814 rites were carried out by the Kovid Protocol, in the government records only 1225 deaths from Corona were recorded.

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  • In April, 3814 Rituals Were Carried Out By Kovid Protocol, 1225 Deaths From Corona Were Recorded In The Official Records.

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Team Haryana3 hours ago

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Performing the last rites outside the crematorium. (File photo)

Haryana is among the states with the lowest mortality rate of corona patients. This rate is around 0.9%. But, is this the reality? To know this, NewsBust India Reporters collected data of last rites in April in the main crematoriums of 22 districts of the state. Shocking information came out in it.

Government records record a total of 1225 deaths from Corona in April. Whereas, according to the cremation bodies in the crematoriums, 3814 people have been cremated under the Kovid Protocol throughout the month. This number is almost three times more than the government records.

The highest number of 1350 people was cremated in Gurugram under the Kovid Protocol, while there are only 112 deaths in April on record. According to government records, there have been around 4882 deaths during the last one year due to corona infection in Haryana, while 3814 funerals were performed in the crematorium in April alone. However, there is also a fact that a large number of patients who died in April also included those coming from Delhi and UP.

Cremation enhanced, 2 bigha land reserve, people protested

2 crematoriums were built in Rohtak for the last rites of those who lost their lives from Korana. After the death toll rose in April, the administration reserved the third crematorium on Jind Road for cremation with Kovid Protocol. At the same time, the administration has reserved 2 bighas of land near the Vaishya College Road crematorium for funeral for Kovid Protocol.

In this cremation, the number of 9 kunds has been increased to 12. There was also a dispute two days ago regarding the cremation of Jind Road. The people of the adjacent colony created a ruckus. The corpse of the corona patients was also not allowed inside the ambulance. People said that due to the funeral of Corona patients, the virus is spreading in the air.

Increasing number: line of dead bodies

Karnal: Seeing the increasing graph of deaths, the Municipal Corporation expanded the Shamsham Ghat of Baldi village. 45 pools have been built. And the work of making the tank continues.
Kurukshetra: Kovid was being cremated at the dead in a Shivdham earlier. Even in the towns, rites were being performed one by one. In view of the increasing deaths, 27 crematoriums and cemeteries have been marked.
Sonipat: The last rites were performed by a CNG machine. Deaths have increased so much that now people have to do it with sticks.
Gurugram: Deaths in the district increased so fast in the month of April that cremation of dead bodies had to be done in the parking lot outside the crematorium.
Rewari: Cremation has also started increasing as deaths have increased. Till now only one cremation had the last rites of the Kovid dead. Now two are happening and one gas based is getting ready.
Hisar: All the fodder of the city at the crematorium ghat are now being arranged for a separate swivel for the Kareena shrew.

Dead bodies were left half dead, pegs also reduced

Kovid Protocol at Gobindpuri Rambagh Crematorium Ghat in Ambala City reduced the space required for cremation. There was no shed to burn pyre. On the evening of 29 April, due to rain, many pyre were extinguished and the dead bodies remained dark. After that the shed is being built. If the pegs were found lying low in the room of the ashes in the crematorium, then a new room had to be prepared for it.

If the number of deaths increases, the kund has to increase

Pandit Yashpal of Shanti Van crematorium in Kaithal said that due to increase in the number of deaths from Corona in the month of April, the number of pools for cremation at the crematorium had to be increased. Out of the 11 existing pools, 3 Kovids were authorized for patients. But as the deaths increased, Kovid had to make 5 kunds for the dead.

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