Important role of this Indian woman in closing Donald Trumps Twitter account – Important role of this Indian woman in closing Donald Trump’s Twitter account


Bharatvanshi Vijaya Gadde, the top advocate of microblogging site Twitter.

New York:

President of america Donald trump (Donald Trump) Twitter The microblogging site’s top advocate Bharatvanshi Vijaya Gadde was instrumental in the unprecedented decision to permanently suspend the account. This decision in the US Parliament House Outgoing president Supporters of the attack were taken after the incident. Born in Hyderabad, 45-year-old Gadde is the head of Twitter law, public policy and trust and security.

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On Friday, Gadde tweeted that Trump’s account is “permanently suspended from Twitter in view of the risk of further violence.” When Trump’s account was suspended, he had 8.87 crore followers and himself 51 Used to follow people.


According to Gadde’s Twitter profile, before joining the company in 2011, she was a senior legal director at the US company Juniper Networks. She has also served on the Board of Trustees of New York University Law School. His childhood was spent in Texas and New Jersey.


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