Imarti devi controversy Kamal nath and Lalu yadav statement over Hema malini | Man, how are you showing dirt in your mind? Politics did not happen, as if the male caste had become a personal thing


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  • Forget your masculine insistence because in spite of wanting your lakhs, in politics some flowers have started to smile
  • Just as those who call us ‘item’ and ‘nachania’ will have to face the mouth, similarly efforts to keep us confined to the houses will also have to be dusted.

What further evidence is needed to explain why women do not want to enter the ravages of politics? Sometimes you declare an earti as an item, sometimes you do not even think about how the mind’s filth is showing up before explaining it like Hema Malini’s cheeks to explain the quality of roads. Politics did not happen as if the personal caste of men had become a state on which they have been born on the earth by taking the right of seals. There is a limit on this poor thinking, which is heavy on some baddies even in the 20th year of the 21st century.

Be careful, men, because now this appearance is changing. Forget that if you call a Jayaprada a Nachaniya, then no Nagma or Kangana will be able to wish to come to this side. Forget your masculine insistence because despite your love, some flowers have started smiling on the land of aspirations and aspirations. Of course, the political lanes of Hindustan have been straining for women.

And then the world has also been explaining to them that the quirk of violence, crime and conspiracies is not in the ‘fair sex’, even when the roar of a Mahua Moitra from West Bengal is heard far away. The good news is that women who are interested and interfere in politics are not only coming from political dynasties, but there are so many who have made their own way on their own.

During a discussion on ‘Imarti Case’ with a friend coming from a township like Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh, I had asked him if he wanted to make a career in politics, without losing a second, he admitted that he would not deny it at all by doing. This friend, who speaks in a powerful voice, expresses the feelings of his mind, fighting for his rights and even having his status and a long followers base on social media, argues that Hindustan politics should be As there is a dire need for candidates.

His fund is very clear, ‘Really we need those new and powerful voices who can represent our changed hands in times of change, who have been associated with jobs, who have come from a struggling background, whose eyes are in public life. I dream of increasing my status… .and I meet these criteria myself.

If fifty-sixty years ago, there was presence of women in the politics of the country who were from a political family or came from the royal family, then it is time to change this picture. Why cannot a scientist, researcher, social worker or journalist come or reach the corridors of Parliament? From their victories in college unions to the Alkaas, Raginis, Shivani Kharwals, their past victories in panchayats, municipal corporations and legislatures have proved that they are no more than nineteen men in terms of ability.

In a country where the tractor gets an example like Renuka Chaudhary, which has attracted a large number of women to India Gate, whose participation in the election campaigns is very large, where the gap between the men and women on the voter turnout front was reduced to just 0.3% in 2019. While it was 16.7% in 1962, it is reasonable to expect that.

Today, panchayats of 14 states of the country have 50-58% female representation. Surprising though it may sound, but it is true that in a state like Uttar Pradesh, about twenty thousand or 34% women are sarpanches. You will be surprised to know that this is the most backward figure since 1992!

In the last three decades, crores of women have won elections in many bodies and there is no concrete evidence to prove that all of them were ‘proxy’ or ‘dummy’ candidates. They are truly independent women with their own minds and minds, who are as much in politics as they wish.

There is still much to be done as only 14% of women leaders make it to the Parliament in 2019 and this figure is the highest since independence while their share in the population is around 50%. It is very important to increase the activism of women in public life. However, the presence of a few women on the streets after the end of the day tells us the ground truth and somewhere secretly says that even today our cities, our roads, our streets and neighborhoods are not safe for women after dark. Huh.

Also, our deserted avenues are not free from the risks of those who put their hands on them. So should we stay behind the doors for fear of this? Just as those who call us ‘item’ and ‘nachania’ will have to face their mouths, similarly we will have to dust off our efforts to confine our houses or keep our tongues shut.

Imaginations and Sunitas have opened the way to space, missile women have also come from our own land and Mangala Mani has also called the icy Biaban of Antacartica. We are fragile or unworthy, we are ambivalent or dumb dolls, this is the time to look beyond these Mughals. Is the right time.

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