IMA President dr Rajan Sharma on Coronavirus warriors data Covid 19 Center Govt – The government said – Corona is not a figure of the Warriors' death, so the IMA president said – a big irony…


He further said, 'If the mortality has come down so much today, our doctors are working day and night. Health care workers are working and we, IMA, when one of our companions died first, I always said that watch the mortality is coming in the doctors and keep this in mind and take steps. About how many letters I have written. How many times have you raised this issue through you. In this, the doctors who are private sector doctors, their mortality is more than 8 percent and in that way doctors are 4 percent.

Dr. Sharma said, 'The doctor is watching patients, providing medical services and IMA is the largest institution for doctors. The organization has been saying from the beginning that those who are our doctor companions, single or couple companions who take care of the medical services of all the states, do not grade salary in government and private sector, do not have any discrimination. It takes 15 years to make a doctor and today when no attention was paid to this thing in Parliament, then I have written this letter very sadly. Ironically, the Health Minister himself is a doctor.

He said, 'Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable Home Minister, he called the IMA and held a video conference with us, but if this is the case then we have shared with you all the number of doctors, you have told, the government Have also been telling you that we should do something about it. If no attention is brought to the Parliament, what can I say next?

NewsBust questioned Dr. Sharma, 'You have used a word that the government is doing a kind of hypocrisy that on one side there is karona and we are told that applause is being played for us, candles are lit, flowers are made Rain is made, and on the other hand, when we are dying due to corona getting infected, then you are not even acquiring it and also doing compensation. In response, he said, 'It is ironic that when a doctor, how many families can I count, their families have also been infected with the doctor, how can you discriminate in that?'

He said, 'There are so many instances where after the death of a doctor, his hospital or clinic is closed and a doctor who is there also treats the border and is also doing it at home. We are working day and night. How many examples can I give that if the doctors who have come back to their work after getting infected, then we have never given up on our loyalty and our dedication and it is time that health care, private health care and government Health care is also doing a great job but protect and respect the health care system and take effective steps to protect us as a heritage.

NewsBust asked him, 'You are saying two things, one is that the government is not accepting that the government has not maintained your data, the other is now saying that they are also being denied compensation.' Responding, Dr. Sharma said, 'Now the data we have given, what we have shared, is a basis of some state government denied it. We challenged that the IMA did not give the correct data but they had to agree later, the state wise data. If we can make the National Kovid-19 register, daily data comes out of how many people got infected, they have recovered so much, this is the recovery rate, then do doctors have the right to be the most valuable part of this system? Of being. There should be complete research on why these reasons are happening and how we can reduce it. Today I am telling you with a very sad heart that India is number one worldwide.

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