IIT has done the work of bringing Devanagari on the Internet before Google, work is going on in the plan to bring Hindi notes in the net, Kanpur | IIT Kanpur doing research on bringing notes in Hindi for students; This institute had brought Devanagari on the Internet before Google

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  • IIT Has Done The Work Of Bringing Devanagari On The Internet Before Google, Work Is Going On In The Plan To Bring Hindi Notes In The Net, Kanpur

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Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya of Computer Science and Technology is heading this project.

Very soon Wikipedia and Journals will be read in Hindi. IIT Kanpur is continuously doing research in this direction. This will also help the students a lot. Professor TV Prabhakar of Faculty Computer Science and Engineering Department said that we are planning to make Hindi on the Internet like Wikipedia, Journals etc. Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya of Computer Science and Technology is heading this project.

Professor TV Prabhakar said that there is very little content in Hindi on the Internet. IIT Kanpur introduced Devanagari to the Internet world before Google. At that time Devanagari was launched along with Dr. Rajat Muna who is currently the Director of Bhilai IIT.

Emphasis is being given on more use of Hindi
Prof TV Prabhakar informed that the students in IIT Kanpur campus are being motivated to write in Hindi and make their own notes. Students and senior professors are being encouraged to write notes and journals of science and technology in Hindi and load them on the internet. Along with this, efforts are also being made to introduce technical writing in Hindi.

Changes happening in Hindi are a better sign
Pro TV Prabhakar says that the change happening in Hindi language is good for the next generation. Hindi is only 200 years old language, and which Hindi is being spoken at present. 200 years ago there was no such Hindi. Ramcharitmanas was written in Awadhi not in Hindi, in this sense people have forgotten Awadhi. In such a situation, change in any language is considered a good sign. All the languages ​​without change have disappeared from this world today.

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