If infected is present in the room, then the device will detect in 15 minutes, more accuracy than PCR and antigen test. If infected is present in the room, it will be detected in 15 minutes, more accurate than Kovid alarm, RT-PCR and antigen test

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  • If Infected Is Present In The Room, Then The Device Will Detect In 15 Minutes, More Accuracy Than PCR And Antigen Test

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British scientists have succeeded in creating a device that detects corona infection in a room in just 15 minutes. Large room takes 30 minutes. This device, which gives information about corona infected, may prove to be important for screening in aircraft cabins, classrooms, care centers, homes and offices in the coming times. It has been named Kovid Alarm. This device is slightly larger than a smoke alarm.

Results accurate from 98% to 100%
The initial results of this research by scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Durham University are promising. Scientists have shown during testing that the accuracy level of the results in the device is up to 98-100 percent. It is giving information about corona infected with much more accuracy than RT-PCR and antigen test of corona.

This machine recognizes the infected even if there are no symptoms
The detector can find people infected with the Kovid virus, even if the infected person does not show symptoms of corona, but the machine does its job effectively. Once detected, the people present in the room have to be tested at an individual level.

The machine can also be effective in identifying other epidemics
According to the researchers, these are preliminary results at the moment. The study has been published, which is to be reviewed. According to the researchers, it will be effective for detecting infection in public places and for identifying future epidemics apart from corona, which have the risk of spreading in a few weeks.

Steve Lindsay, professor of bioscience at Durham University, says that each disease has a different smell. We started research with Corona. The separation of the smell of infected and normal people made the job easier. This technique of identification of diseases is interesting. The device costs around Rs 5.15 lakh, but it is not a huge amount to identify deadly epidemics.

This machine sends a message to the authorized person after identifying the infected
This device from RoboScientific identifies the infected by detecting chemicals produced by the skin and breath. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) change due to the virus. This produces body odor, which is recognized by the sensors in the device. The device sends this information to the authorized person through a message.

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