If healthcare workers do not take corona vaccine, they will not get money for treatment, this state has implemented rules – if the corona vaccine is not taken then treatment money will not be received, this state implemented the rules


The time limit for taking the first dose of vaccine has been extended by healthcare workers in Punjab.


If the healthcare worker or the frontline worker does not take the vaccine of Kovid-19, then they will not get any financial help for treatment in case of infection. They will also not be allowed to take leave for quarantine or isolation. The Punjab government has issued this order. The state government has taken this step by taking seriously the report of some healthcare workers not getting the vaccine. Corona cases are continuously increasing in Punjab, while the vaccination rate is extremely low.

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Punjab Health Minister Balbir Sidhu said that any healthcare workers who have not been vaccinated despite being given adequate opportunities, will have to take their own responsibility. Balbir Sidhu admitted that cases of Kovid are continuously increasing in Punjab. On February 20, 358 cases were reported. In the last three weeks, active patients in Punjab have increased by 33 percent.

The Health Minister said that it is very important for all health workers to get the vaccine so that any unforeseen circumstances can be dealt with. Punjab is one of the six states where cases of Kovid-19 are continuously increasing. So we should be ready to face the second wave. Sidhu said that these growing cases show that the threat of Kovid-19 is not yet postponed and cases can increase again in Punjab. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions like social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands with sanitizer as before.


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