HP India report claims, gaming becomes first choice for career in lockdown, more than 92% people believe gaming reduces stress | HP India report claims, gaming becomes first choice for career in lockdown, more than 92% people believe gaming reduces stress

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  • HP India Report Claims, Gaming Becomes First Choice For Career In Lockdown, More Than 92% People Believe Gaming Reduces Stress

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The number of people looking for online gaming as a career in India is constantly increasing. This claim has been made by HP India Company of Technology Field in a report on Wednesday. It has been found that 90 percent of the people believe that gaming industry can be a good career option.

The HP India Gaming Landscape survey report covers 1,500 people. Whose age ranged from 14 to 40 years. The survey was conducted in 25 metro cities of India between March and April. It has been done in two phases. In which 72 percent men and 28 percent women have been included. In this, questions were asked from people who were computer and mobile users. Who used to play action and adventure games on his PC and Smartphone.

88 percent of school students want to make a career in gaming

According to the report, Tier I women from West India and those born between 1990 and 2010 (Gen-Z) showed the highest desire for a career in gaming. About 84 percent of women said that they want to take up gaming as a career. In addition, 80 percent of them are male, 91 percent of those born between 1965 and 1980 (Gen X) and 88 percent of school students. In Tier 2, 84 percent of the city’s population while 78 percent of the metro city’s people want to make a career in gaming.

People believe that gaming reduces tension

More than 92 percent of the people believe that gaming reduces the tension of work and studies. Also, reducing stress increases positive thinking. Whereas 91 percent of the people believed that gaming increases attention and concentration.

Gaming in laptop instead of mobile is the first choice

The report also found that 89 percent of people have preferred PC over mobile for gaming. He believed that it is easier to do gaming in a laptop or PC than on a mobile. About 37 percent of the gamers are leaving the smartphone and going towards the PC. In order to enhance the gaming experience. Gen X and Gen Z included 70% of the people who liked them. Whereas even among those who like gaming less, 75 percent people preferred to do gaming in laptops.

gaming craze increased due to lockdown

The Managing Director of HP India Market says that people are spending more time at home due to which the number of gamers has suddenly increased. Customers are adopting new ways of entertainment to connect with the society and reduce stress. People are now shifting from mobile to laptop for gaming. Which will help us to grow our business.

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