How To Make Healthy Diet: Expert Told Easy Ways To Make Your Diet Healthy And Nutritious, Just Have To Do This Job


Talking about diet, the traditional Indian diet has been quite balanced and nutritious, but in the last few years, the importance of the quality of the Indian diet has changed. These diets are generally deficient in protein, confirmed by several surveys, both in quality and quantity. Another major problem is that a large proportion of the Indian population (women and children) is iron, folic acid And is anemic due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Tips for making healthy diet Tips To Make Healthy Diet

1. Make sure that every meal includes a source of good quality protein. Go easy on carb content. Include enough protein sources such as lentils, soy, milk, yogurt, nuts and seeds. This will ensure satiety and help you to meet your daily protein requirements.

2. Iron absorption from vegetarian sources is limited, so you can increase your iron absorption by adding foods rich in iron with vitamin C sources (adding fresh chutney, citrus fruit or lemon juice to lentils).

3. A conscious effort to include some vegetables at the beginning of the meal will ensure that we get enough of them. For those who do not like veggies, some unconventional preparation methods such as making dip or incorporating it with bread work well.

Healthy Day: Add generous amounts of fruits and vegetables to each of your meals

4. Decorated seeds (flax, watermelon, sunflower, etc.) on top of your food are worth noting. They provide enough zinc, magnesium and omega-3 fats. Make them part of the snack menu.

5. Use fresh ingredients and avoid ready-to-eat, ultra-processed foods.

6. Also include fermented foods in the daily menu.

Despite all good intentions, this process of change is likely to face hurdles. Generally you can face the following problems-

1. Not enough time

Piggyback desired new activity in your already existing routine. For example, if you need to prepare a healthy snack, then while working in the kitchen, boil the chickpeas so that the effort to prepare the snack is not a separate allocation of your time.

llefi3i8Healthy Diet: Prepare healthy and easy snacks at home to beat the pain of hunger

2. Healthy Foods Are Boring

Many foods that are healthy are boring and unexpected, thus not sustainable. In such cases, do not eliminate unhealthy favorite items from the menu. All you have to do is to include healthy ingredients in the recipe. If you love bread, there is no need to cut it completely, but you can make mayum by adding curd to your sandwich.

Promoting health through diet changes is easy and remarkable with minor changes in the daily routine that do not take a toll on your time and resources.

(Neelanjana Singh is a nutrition and wellness consultant and author of ‘Our Kids Eat Everything!).

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