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How to Improve Gaming Performance on Xiaomi?

By Shivang - November 25, 2021

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Xiaomi is also known as MI is one of the leading companies that is producing electronic gadgets. The company nowadays focuses on gamers and making gaming-oriented phones. They even added a new feature to Improve Gaming Performance on Xiaomi phones. 

So, they are quite impressive and working efficiently on most of their products. However, there are some complaints as well. But most of the users admire it and share their positive reviews on many social networking platforms. 

There are lots of features that you can have in MI phones when it comes to games. But they have added the option of Voice Changer for Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and many other games that support voice chat. So, this is something that every player wants to have in his gadget.

In this article, I am going to help you out that how you can improve the performance of MI smartphones and tablets. Due to ultra-realistic graphics and better gameplay, millions of people are shifting to smartphones so they can play these games and enjoy them. 

Why Xiaomi Phones Are Suitable for Games?

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As you know that Xiaomi is one of the best smartphone producing companies. That is a Chinese tech company founded in July 2013. Since then it has launched so many phones in multiple series and people are loving them a lot.

Due to the emergence of high-end games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, COD, and more, people are looking for some high-end devices. As the gaming industry is huge and very profitable that is why most companies try to integrate specs that make it easy to play games. 

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MI is one of those tech companies that has got quite a success in that race. These devices are more famous in Asian countries. Because there is a huge number of the population who play games on mobile. Further, these are cheaper and offer very useful as well as premium specs.

Apart from the built-in specs, now they have launched an app that Improves Gaming Performance on Xiaomi smartphones. I am actually talking about the MIUI Voice Changer. There are very simple steps that you can follow and make this feature work on your phone. 

Basically, it is the built-in feature or software. But in case if it is not available on your gadget, then you can go to Play Store or any other third-party app store to get that. However, but make sure that you are downloading the official and safe version.

How to Improve Gaming Performance on MI Smartphones or Tablets?

There are so many brands that are offering the Game booster option. But most of them lack something that every player wants to have and that is Voice Changer, Clear Cache, Block Notifications, a few more. Even the game shortcuts can give you a better experience. 

So, Xiaomi is the one that provides you voice changer, Game speed booster, sensitivity settings, touch response, and more. Above all the best part of that feature is you can enhance the visuals in the game to make it work smoothly. 

There is an option of DND that you can enable to block notifications, calls, messages, and so on. You can further get the Auto game booster that automatically enhances and improve the gameplay. So, you can play the games without lagging or latency issues. 

High Ping is one of the bigger issues on Android phones, particularly on low-end smartphones. Because most of the cheaper phones are designed with low-end specs. So, they cannot manage to run or operate such games with high-end graphics.

So, therefore, Xiaomi Game Booster phones optimized the game or creates an environment for such games to operate smoothly. Because it automatically manages the bandwidth for each and every game according to the device’s capacity and connection. 

Further, you can add different games at a single location from where you can also execute them. You can also use the Clear Cache option to remove unnecessary files from your phone and provide empty space for the gaming app to work.

How to Use Xiaomi Game Turbo Feature?

I am sure that you have understood how the MI Game Turbo can improve the game performance. But it is quite tricky to use that feature. However, this is an app or a built-in tool that you can find in most of the phones that are designed by MI company. 

However, if not, then there are hundreds of sources or stores from where you can download it for free and install that on your phone. But you need to make sure whether your device supports that feature or not. Because there are limited devices that support it. 

So, in order to make it work or to use desired options, you can follow the steps that I am going to mention here below. 

  • Launch the Security App on your phone. 
  • There you will find the Game Speed Booster so tap on it.
  • Now you can add games or tap on the games already given there.
  • Then you will find the options to boost the game. 
  • Customize or change the settings according to your choice. 
  • Now launch the game.

To enable various other options such as voice changer, screen recording, and more, you need to swipe the screen from the top-left corner towards the right-end corner. Once you will do that, a menu will pop up where you will find all those options. 


I have provided enough information that will definitely help you to enhance the gaming experience or Improve Gaming Performance on Xiaomi. Even I have added a source from where you can download the safe version of that tool. You can visit there for more information and app as well.

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