how to control high and low blood pressure at home | More than 16 lakh deaths every year in the country due to blood pressure, it is dangerous for heart, kidney and brain; Control it with the 2-3-4 formula

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On an average, more than 16 lakh deaths occur every year in the country due to problems related to blood pressure. Due to the persistent problem of blood pressure, organs like brain, heart and kidneys are badly affected.

Blood pressure can be disturbed due to stress, infection, certain medicines and even lack of water. It is a matter of concern that a large number of people are not aware of it and later it becomes the cause of serious diseases. That is why it is also called silent killer.

Dr. Ajit R Menon, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Lilavati and Reliance Hospital Mumbai It is said that controlling blood pressure is very important because it promotes many diseases. To control it, this formula of 2-3-4 can prove to be effective.

What is blood pressure, which symptoms indicate high and low-blood pressure and what is the 2-3-4 formula to control it….Know the answer to these questions

Understand what is blood pressure
The pressure exerted by the heart on the blood vessels while pumping blood is called blood pressure. The normal level of blood pressure should be 120/80 i.e. the upper number of blood pressure should be 120 and the lower number should be 80.

Major symptoms of high blood pressure

  • sudden blurred vision
  • vomiting or nausea
  • feeling confused
  • Head and chest pain
  • Shortness of breath

Major symptoms of high blood pressure

  • fainting
  • Tiredness
  • lack of attention
  • cold and dry skin
  • change breathing rate

This is the 2-3-4 formula to control high and low blood pressure

2 Yoga: Setubandhasana in high blood pressure and Matsyasana beneficial in low
Setubandha posture affects the muscles found behind the knee (hamstrings), stomach and intestines. This improves blood flow. Helps to reduce stress. Improves high blood pressure.

If you are struggling with low blood pressure then do Matsyasana. For this, while sitting in Padmasana, while breathing, take the back towards the back, touch the head with the ground. This asana improves blood flow throughout the body by stretching the muscles of the back and shoulders, thereby improving low blood pressure.

3 Exercises: Cycling, jumping and walking, effective in controlling blood pressure
According to the American College of Cardiology, cycling at a moderate to brisk pace for 40 minutes three to four days a week can reduce blood pressure by up to 10 points. Similarly, jumping rope for 30 minutes can also reduce blood pressure by 8 to 10 points. Low blood pressure can be balanced by walking at a moderate pace for 30 to 40 minutes five days a week.

According to the CDC, if you exercise for 30 minutes a day even 5 days a week, then blood pressure can be reduced by 8 points. For this, walking, cycling and rope jumping can also be effective.

4 Fruits: Controls both high and low blood pressure

  • Beetroot: By eating 250 grams of beetroot, BP can be reduced by 7 points. This relaxes the arteries and they start opening. As a result, the blood pressure becomes normal.
  • Pineapple: Potassium is found in abundance in pineapple. A cup of about 240 ml of juice contains only 1 ml of sodium and 195 ml of potassium. Potassium reduces hypertension ie high blood pressure.
  • Liquorice tea: Liquorice controls the enzyme that breaks down cortisol. Along with this, it balances the way adrenaline works.
  • Carrot: Carrot juice improves blood flow to the heart and kidneys, which reduces the problem of low blood pressure.

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