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How Gaming Industry Is Evolving In India

By Puneet Chaudhary - November 30, 2019

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The gaming industry, worldwide being a multi-million dollar industry already, has recently started gaining roots in the Indian culture. Dating back to the early 21st century, gaming has been a part of the youth culture and has only seen rise since then. From earlier installments of Counter Strike, Call of Duty and DOTA, which were prevalent during the beginning of the online PC gaming culture in the country. Currently, relevance of mobile gaming has seen an incredible rise in the past few years.

Where Indian Gaming needs adjustments

Piracy and lack of awareness has hindered the rise of professional gaming in India since the advent of gaming tournaments. The country still lags behind more developed nations and even its Asian contemporaries, where social acceptance also plays a role in the rise of the industry. Newer technologies and the adoption of changed lifestyles has breathed new air into the pro-gaming scene.

The exponential rise in online gaming community can be credited to the strong presence of youth in the country. As more casual gamers join the community and the experienced move to the professional side of the industry, gaming in India will see a rise like never before. Live streaming is a more latest platform for veterans to show their skills and support themselves financially. Essentially, inspiring others to join the community.

The mobile gaming phenomenon

The mobile gaming phenomenon has taken the country by storm with PUBG mobile being at the forefront. Sources report, the mobile gaming industry is now worth over $890 million, with regular tournaments held on venues and online. Increased accessibility and the rising smartphone market has made it easier for the community to rise at a rapid rate. With this rise in popularity comes increased investments. Since the free-to-play business model works well in India, where the game makes money off of ads and customisations, F2P(free-to-play) games have gathered much admiration in the market.

Understanding the game culture

Variety in gaming platforms and games themselves also lends its hand to further the cause of gaming proficiency and gives the community more options to work with. Since the time of the early Playstation, Xbox and PC, technology in graphics and gameplay have only but matured which in turn lures more individuals towards this form of entertainment. Video Games, especially RPGS or Role Playing Games are built upon incredible story arcs that are not only engaging but also give rise to deeper thoughts. Games about war can help with history. The role of management games in education cannot be overlooked either. The benefits of learning engulfed into entertainment has more or less moved television out of the daily routine of many individuals.

The Governments response

Digitisation of the country also helps the gaming industry. Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) has observed and fondly marketed video games to the increasing consumer-ship. The boom in the gaming industry has already begun and would reach new heights and henceforth affecting the GDP positively. The Indian government notes the potential of gaming in its rising foreign and local markets. The Indian gaming market is emerging as a rapidly growing economy with millions of downloads off of the Google Play Store alone. Google, henceforth has taken much interest in the rising community and supports locally relevant game developers to work with experts to increase efficiency over varying devices and networks.

The growth of the Indian gaming industry can be attributed to a few major drivers

  1. Growing internet users,
  2. The abundance of youth in the country,
  3. Growth of local game developers (India being a tech giant),
  4. Digitisation (Digital payments make it easier to purchase games),
  5. Increase in smartphone users, and
  6. Increase in income and changes in lifestyle.

As more young Indians are looking for opportunities and so much of them already gaming casually. Professional gaming and/or live streaming provides much needed exposure and a viable chance for strong players to make a living and gain popularity over multiple media platforms. Today Esports is just as profitable and respected as any other professional sport. The Indian gaming industry if nurtured well will forge incredible talent. Soon the gaming community might witness the change that very well thrusts the best of the best into international spotlights.

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