How can men who are not willing to give basic human rights to women to choose a life partner, advocate for equal rights for women in property-power? | How can men who are not ready to give basic human rights to women to choose a life partner, advocate for equalizing them in property and power?

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  • How Can Men Who Are Not Willing To Give Basic Human Rights To Women To Choose A Life Partner, Advocate For Equal Rights For Women In Property Power?

new Delhi37 minutes agoAuthor: Manisha Pandey

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  • The adult woman has the right to choose her life partner freely, irrespective of caste and religion, but no, such a simple thing does not enter the minds of these men.
  • In politics, the issue of reservation for women has been hanging for the last 45 years, there is no other bill in the history of independent India, on which male leaders have not been able to agree for 45 years.

We talk about equality of women, but how will it be equaled. Will only the woman be respected? Absolutely wrong answer. Only with respect, you will not get it. Women will get equal, equal participation in power, jobs and property. Equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity and equal space.

And as soon as we talk about these solid rights, what is the reaction of most of the men. They feel as if someone has placed an ax on their neck. They start to bill. The Punjab government has announced 33 per cent reservation for women in government jobs and they have started turning away from now.

His mouth gets distracted at the slightest. Women get some extra bit and then see their cry. When Odd-Even came into force in Delhi, the Delhi government gave exemption from this rule to women who are single and together. Men were found complaining in my office. Women are good. No rules apply to them.

I got very angry, but keeping a low voice, I counted at least 30 women working from top to bottom in a five-story office, who, before coming to the office, took their young child to school, crutch or their grandmother She used to leave home and then come to work. Returning from office, she would pick up the child first, then go home. All these women were not divorced or single mothers. However, the responsibility of handling the child came to his head alone.

There was not a single man in the whole office who takes care of the child before and after the office. In such a situation, it is not a favor to give women this facility, but to take care of them is to be a little responsible, a little sensitive.

The men had frowned even when women were allowed to travel in Delhi buses for free. Men said – “these free women” they need everything for free. What a contradiction it is that men, who occupy 90 percent of the world’s wealth, land and wealth, start calling women freemen after getting a bus ticket. Don’t know, it’s just stupidity or actually slyness.

The issue of reservation for women in politics has been hanging for the last 45 years. There is no other bill in the history of independent India, on which male leaders have not been able to agree for 45 years. In 1974, for the first time the question arose that it was necessary to ensure equal participation of women in politics. The position of women in the society will improve only when they are present in positions of power and policy.

The Women’s Reservation Bill was introduced in Parliament for the first time in 1996 during the Deve Gowda government, which did not suit most male leaders. There was a mess in the Parliament. The interesting thing was that the leaders of backward classes, who are fighting for the reservation for other backward classes of society, were also strongly against this bill. Sharad Yadav said in Parliament that “it will only benefit percutaneous women. After that it was introduced again in Parliament in 1998, 1999, 2002 and 2003, but the result was cipher. The final bill from the Rajya Sabha during the Manmohan Singh government in 2010 Passed, but still stuck in Lok Sabha. Stalled till date.

It will remain stuck even further, because we women do not have much hope for justice and equality from this parliament and system dominated by men. For example, the BJP is being forced to pass all the bills in Parliament due to the use of poles, it is not ready to pass the bill to ensure equal participation of women. He is not lying, nobody is lying.

He has had to stop the advertisement of Tanishq, which has a very direct and clear message that every adult woman has the right to choose her life partner of her own choice, irrespective of caste and religion. The Constitution of India gives him this right. But no, such a minor thing does not enter the minds of these men. Those who are not ready to give such basic human rights, how will they advocate to give equal rights to women in property and power.

Navratri is going on. The undertaking of washing the feet of daughters in every household, worshiping them will begin. For the whole nine days, Goddess Durga will sing the praises of female power. But, everyone knows the truth. Girls also know the way that they are respected as long as they are goddesses, seated in idols, revered. As soon as she gets out of the idol and becomes a human of flesh and flesh, she asks for her right, the world is taken away by noticing them.

In two minutes she gets down from the position of Devi and becomes a witch. It is called Feminaji. Men hate them, calling them freeloaders. On the bill of their rights, they sit down like a snake like a snake. Girls, this world is not for you. You do not fall into their trap. To understand the pretense of their worship. To ask the real question. Ask for real rights, do not come till they come down from the peak of manhood to the land of humanity and become human beings.

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